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KASHMIR’S DISAPPEARING RICE FIELDS | Rapid urbanization eats up 5.5 lakh of agricultural land along the canal in a decadeNews WAALI

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Srinagar: Kashmir’s lush green paddy fields, which were visually appealing and provided food for the people, are rapidly disappearing and being replaced by concrete structures.

Over 5.5 lakh canal of paddy fields have been converted in just 10 years, mainly for non-agricultural purposes.

These noble pastures now house colonies with massive structures on their chests.

According to the data accessed Greater KashmirIn 2012 around 1,62,309 hectares of paddy field was cultivated, which has shrunk to 28,242 hectares (5.5 lakh channel) in 2022.

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At present, the total area of ​​rice cultivation is 1,34,067 hectares.

The conversion of arable land to non-agricultural purposes is not limited to Kashmir region but also to Jammu region.

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