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Zilla Parishad Samdoli School in Sangli turns into a school palace that bears witness to history; A palace built for women! Video Watch – News18 LokmatNews WAALI

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Swapnil Erandolikar, Representative

Sangli, March 14: In the online age, does the present generation know the true history of Maharashtra? Many people have this question. Due to private educational institutions, the concept of high-tech education is currently attracting attention. So that the students don’t forget the history and warrior culture of Maharashtra, a school palace has been made in Sangli area. The villagers of Samdoli have changed the face of the Zilla Parishad School for girls.

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A palace is not a school for girls

Education transforms a person. Education can have a new dimension if schools that deliver knowledge are transformed. Keeping this in mind, the Zilla Parishad Girls’ School in Samdoli has been given the look of a palace. This transformative school is currently attracting attention. Marathi Zilla Parishad Girls’ School at Samdoli has been transformed into an educational palace so that girls can study in a pleasant environment.

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The face of the school has changed

The school was closed during the lockdown due to Corona. Efforts were made to continue the flow of education by overcoming the difficulties. Now a step forward has been taken for desirable education. While trying for that, it was decided to change the look of the school that was housed in the old palace. The teachers took the initiative to make the school an educational palace. There was also good support from the villagers and the school became a palace.

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Three dimensional paintings on every wall

Currently, the school has painted from the brush of the famous artist from Mumbai, Chandrakant Sutar, and the concept of the teachers. Various pictures are drawn on the walls. On every wall in the school a social, historical, geographical context is presented through pictures. All classrooms in the school include good mats for sitting, smart digital boards for e-learning, projectors. Lively and three-dimensional pictures on the school board add a new color to education.

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