21 July 2024

In a shocking turn of events, famous South Korean eating YouTuber Tzuyang revealed that a group of people had attempted extortion on her. Yes, you read that right, Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang has publicly claimed the extortion threats she received from a group of people who are also YouTubers. This shocking revelation from Tzuyang’s side has created a stir within the community. Meanwhile, people have become keen about the extortion threats to Tzuyang. After hearing the claims made by the eating YouTuber, the K-netizens raised various questions. Despite addressing the extortion threats by Tzuyang, various questions are still prevailing among the netizens. We have comprehensively explained everything in this article. Kindly stick with this page and go through it to the end. Drag down the page.

Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang Exposes Shocking Extortion Attempt

The eating YouTuber conducted a live stream on Tuesday, July 10, 2024, on her YouTube channel. She titled the video “I will tell you everything” which she started by saying she needed to urgently explain the issue raised by the Garosero Research Institute. For the unversed, Garosero Research Institute YouTube channel’s Kim Sae Eui claimed on Tuesday, July 10, 2024, that YouTubers Jujak Inspector, Gu Jae Yeok,Karacula, and others had blackmailed Mukbang YouTuber Tzuyang over her past and attempted extortion money from her.

To further explain the extortion claims made by Kim Sae Eui, Tzuyang added that before starting her career on YouTube, she had a boyfriend and she even took a leave of absence from school. Initially, her boyfriend treated her very gently but later he turned violent and abusive. Tzuyang further made shocking claims that things became a nightmare for her when she tried to break up with her boyfriend since her boyfriend had secretly recorded her private videos which he used to threaten her. Tzuyang’s boyfriend allegedly threatened the YouTuber to release them if she broke up with him.

In an unexpected and shocking turn of events, the eating YouTuber also revealed that her boyfriend also physically abused and assaulted her with umbrellas and other blunt items. Allegedly, Tzuyang’s boyfriend also took her to his hostess bar where he asked her to pour drinks and talk with customers. The YouTuber continued it for some time without saying anything to her friends because of his threats. The eating YouTuber also accused her boyfriend of taking away all of the money she earned. She also claimed to have the transaction records to prove her claims.

Tzuyang remained scared to tell anything about him. One day she told her boyfriend to stop but he became violent again and threatened to do everything to her family. In October, the YouTuber finally decided to end it and saved photos of her injuries. Shockingly, Tzuyang also said in the live stream on July 10 that her boyfriend used to hit her at least two times a day. When she told her boyfriend that she would earn money through streaming, he took all her money. Thus, she does not have money to buy chicken for her eating videos.

Later in the live stream, the eating YouTuber also revealed that when her YouTube channel grew, her boyfriend made a contract to take away 70 percent of her income. He also kept her personal seal and ID, thus she never received advertising revenue generated on her YouTube account. When Tzuyang’s staff learned about her boyfriend, they suggested filing a lawsuit against him but she refrained from doing it. After that, her boyfriend also threatened her staff members. Now YouTubers Jujak Inspector, Gu Jae Yeok, and others are blackmailing her despite knowing her situation.

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