16 July 2024

Since Jennie’s smoking video surfaced on the internet, the Blackpink member has been part of widespread discussion and controversy in which innumerable people have shared their opinions, including former entertainment journalist turned YouTuber Lee Jin Ho. On Tuesday, July 10, 2024, Lee Jin Ho reacted to the smoking video of Jennie and addressed the controversy in the video he titled “Blackpink Jennie’s Exposed Personality? Why did the staff look so Unhappy?” This video is available to watch on Lee Jin Ho’s YouTube channel. But if you are not willing to watch the long video, then you can quickly go through this article to the end to learn the entire controversy. It will take only a few minutes. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Jennie’s Smoking Controversy Sparks Debate

Jennie’s indoor smoking video has seemingly turned everyone’s head and captivated K-netizens’ attention since everyone is sharing his opinion over it. Despite Jennie’s alleged staff member has addressed the matter and defended the K-pop idol for smoking indoors, people still believe that it was Jennie’s negative personality that came to light through this incident. The alleged staff member defended Jennie by claiming that everyone had asked for permission before smoking inside the dressing room of a fashion event. Jennie smoked with a window open in the preparation room while the makeup artist was doing her touchup before the event. When Jennie’s makeup artist was looking for a beauty product she suddenly turned her face and Jennie blew the smoke at the same time, which appears like Jennie smokes at her staff’s face. Although the alleged staff member has defended the K-pop idol and claimed that they were okay since they are also smokers. Despite this explanation from the alleged staff member of Jennie, the K-netizens are criticizing the Blackpink member.

Recently, the former journalist turned YouTuber, Lee Jin Ho also addressed this controversy which erupted after Blackpink’s Jennie uploaded a vlog video on her YouTube channel, showing her moments in Capri, Italy. The controversial scene appeared in the vlog when Jennie vaped during her makeup while surrounded by staff members. The viewers found it problematic when Jennie blew smoke in the staff’s faces. Continue reading this article for more details.

Lee Jin Ho explained that many celebrities smoke electronic cigarettes during their makeup sessions and photo shoots, Jennie is no exception, according to field staff. In the industry, it is an unspoken rule. The stars do not eat for days during photo shoots which makes them extremely sensitive. Thus, vaping or smoking cigarettes on the set is the only way to relieve stress for the stars which is not objected to by the staff as well. The staff members are okay with vaping smoke instead of being scolded on the set. Take a peek below to learn what Lee Jin Ho said further.

YouTuber Lee Jin Ho also explained that if stars or renowned personalities smoke outside or in public they will be noticed by the audience which would damage their image. Thus, some stars prefer to smoke indoors. Has Jennie responded to this controversy? No, but her label Odd Atelier (OA) has shared a statement regarding the same. It stated that Jennie regrets smoking indoors and causing inconvenience to other staff members thus she has personally reached out to the staff members present in the room at that time to apologize. Lee Jin Ho also spoke up about the hierarchical relationship between stars and staff. He reflected on how many staff members could tell a star not to smoke on set. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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