19 July 2024

Finally, here is the long-awaited and much-anticipated update about the renowned K-pop boy group DRIPPIN’s comeback.

The agency managing DRIPPIN, Woollim Entertainment announced the group’s comeback. Yes, you read that right, DRIPPIN is finally making its comeback through a song. Since the news broke out, the fans have been eagerly waiting for their comeback and anticipated the comeback song.

For all the DRIPPIN fans, we have prepared this article to share all the details known about the group’s comeback. In the following sections, we have tried to answer and respond to all the imperative questions asked by DRIPPIN fans such as when will they make their comeback, what is the title of their comeback song, and how much time they took to end their hiatus. You are suggested to go through the article to the end. Drag down the page.

DRIPPIN Delivers Exciting News

The K-pop group DRIPPIN which is composed of six members, Hwang Yunseong, Lee Hyeop, Joo Changwook, Kim Dongyun, Kim Minseo, and Cha Junho, will end their hiatus next month. According to the official announcement of Woollim Entertainment, DRIPPIN will release its comeback song in August 2024.

However, the boy band’s agency also made the same announcement back in April when it announced that DRIPPIN would be back with new music. The group went on a hiatus after one of the six members, Joo Changwook, was advised by the doctors to take time off for his respiratory issues revealed by Woollim Entertainment on April 21, 2024.

Swipe down the page and read what is the comeback song of DRIPPIN.

Since the boy band’s agency confirmed the comeback of the group, the fans have been anticipating the comeback song. Speaking of the comeback song, on Monday, July 8, 2024, at 8 AM KST, agency Woollim Entertainment announced through the official SNS that DRIPPIN’s comeback song “Weekend” will be released in August.

The comeback song of the boy group has been titled “Weekend” which will be the fifth single track of the group. Did Woollim Entertainment also share any poster of the “Weekend” song? Yes, the agency shared a poster featuring the title of DRIPPIN’s comeback song. Continue reading this article to learn more about it.

The image released by DRIPPIN’s agency features a simple blue design with the title of the song written in white color along with “DRIPPIN 5th Single” displayed over the blue background, giving fresh and cool summer vibes. Of course, the poster of the Weekend song matches the unique charm of the group. The fans can expect a perfect comeback song. As mentioned we have tried to ponder every imperative question in this article.

Many are also wondering how much time DRIPPIN is coming back. For the unversed, this boy group is marking its comeback after a short period of just four months. The last time DRIPPIN released any song was in April 2024. After four months, their fifth song will be released in August.

The previous and fourth single track of DRIPPIN was titled Beautiful MAZE which was officially dropped in April. Notably, Beautiful MAZE also achieved a career-high of more than 130,000 units sold in the first week of its release, which was ten times more than the first-week sale of their third single track “SEVEN SINS”.

At that time, the unprecedented sales of their fourth song went sold out within a short time which led to urgent re-orders. Thus, the expectations with their fifth song are quite higher than the performance of their fourth song. On 14th June DRIPPIN concluded their solo fan meeting in Tokyo, Japan. Stay tuned.

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