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Wipro fired employees from the company, but what do other IT companies think about Moonlighting? News WAALI

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Mumbai September 22 : There are many people who work in IT companies. Bonuses, holidays, accompanying discounts and gifts have always been the center of attraction for people working in IT. Many people dream of working in big IT companies like Wipro, Tata, Infosys. But people don’t know some rules in this company, due to which they have to face problems. Currently, the case in Wipro IT company is in discussion. Many employees were fired from the company, which created a sense of fear among people in all IT companies. Have you ever heard the term moonlighting? If not, let’s find out about it first. Moonlighting means that after the company’s fixed working hours, an employee can do other work, such as freelancing, and is free to do this work. But even so there are many IT companies who oppose this and write about it in their offer letter as well. But many people do not know about this. Actually there are two different classes in IT. While some companies don’t mind moonlighting, for others it is a fraud, which can even lead to the loss of employees’ jobs.

Let’s know which company gives its employee what leave

A professional website provided information regarding appointment letters issued by leading companies in this regard. He has told about such companies, which have supported moonlighting in the ‘job contract’ or not.


It is clearly written in Wipro’s offer letter that the employees have to work only for the company. For any other work the employee will have to take the permission of the Business Unit Head. Wipro’s executive chairman termed moonlighting as wrong and called it a fraud on the company. Also Read: Why ‘Moonlighting’ Is In Talks, Employee Worry After Wipro Case

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Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the country’s largest IT company, does not allow employees to do anything other than work. If an employee wants to do so, he needs to get written approval for it. Ganapathy Subramaniam, the company’s CEO, says that the person doing the moonlighting gets immediate benefits but loses in the long run. That is why they are against it.

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Infosys is against moonlighting. The terms of the company clearly state that you can do anything after your work without the consent of Infosys. Mohandas Pai, the company’s former director, believes moonlighting is right. It is the decision of the employees what to do after office hours. That is what he says.

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra’s contract states that if you take up any work without the company’s approval, you can be fired without giving any reason. However, the company’s CEO CP Gurnani has a different opinion about this. They say that if the worker has completed his work, he can do another job again. Read this: Wipro company fired 300 employees, why will the stock market get a big hit?

HCL Tech

HCL Technology’s contract states that no employee of the company can do any work for any other company. It says no to moonlighting even if the company belongs to any other sector. HCN calls this a mandatory condition of employment and doing so is a violation of the terms of employment.

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