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Why is Pakistan angry with Russia? Said – we were surprisedNews WAALI

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New Delhi. For the past nine months, the so-called Pakistan war between Russia and Ukraine has been raging. Russian Federation Council Defense Committee Member and Member of Parliament Igor Morozov on Tuesday alleged that Pakistan was discussing nuclear bomb development with Ukraine. According to Russia’s official news agency RI Novosti, Morozov claimed that Ukrainian experts visited Pakistan and met with a delegation of nuclear weapons manufacturers.

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Pakistan says the allegation is baseless
Pakistan’s foreign ministry has asked Russia to respond to these allegations. Asim Iftikhar, Spokesperson of Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement and said that such baseless statements are surprising to us. He said that such a statement is completely against the spirit of relations between Pakistan and Russia. Asim Iftikhar said that an explanation has been sought from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Russian Senator Igor Morozov said the statement “Nuclear Provocations in Ukraine: Who Needs It?” The special project “Ukrainian Dossier” was given at the press conference. He said that the secret of making dirty bombs of Ukraine is not hidden from anyone. Morozov said Ukraine has a fundamental problem of lack of money. Because of this, the threat that Ukraine may use dirty bombs as a provocation becomes a reality.

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There are also allegations against America and Britain
Igor Morozov, a member of the Defense Committee of the Russian Federation Council and an MP, said that the Tochka-U is a low-energy nuclear bomb that can be manufactured anywhere. He said that the President of the United States has permission to use this bomb even without the permission of Congress (Parliament of the United States).

Igor Morozov expressed hope that Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky discussed with Britain and America to develop nuclear weapons. However, Morozov was unable to provide any evidence to support these allegations.

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What is a dirty bomb?
Dirty bombs do not explode like normal bombs. This bomb is made with the help of toxic atoms like radioactive elements that emit radiation. According to security experts, terrorists can use this bomb as a weapon.

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Pakistan is balancing
Ever since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, Pakistan has been balancing with both countries. On the one hand, Pakistan has expressed concern over the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine while refraining from outright condemnation of Russia’s action.

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