23 July 2024
Soufian T

Shockingly, a violent rampage occurred on Friday, June 14, 2024, during the celebrations for the UEFA European Football Championship in Germany, resulting in one fatal casualty and two serious injuries. Reportedly, the suspect in the rampage has been gunned down by the officers who are responding to the crime scene. It is reported that the suspect also tried to hurt the police officers injuring two persons, which prompted the police officers to shoot him dead. What happened and what were the circumstances, are the two most scrutinized aspects of this unsettling event. Who was the suspect? Everything imperative to discuss about the Euro 2024 party stabbing incident, has been discussed in this article. Also, read the details of the suspect identified in the stabbing incident.

The person who injured two persons during the UEFA Euro World Championship on Friday, June 14, 2024, was identified as Soufian T. He was an Afghan man whose age is said to be 27 years. Reportedly, Soufian T was shot dead by the police who were responding to an apartment after receiving complaints about a violent rampage. During the event, suspect Soufian T stabbed two people, leaving them seriously injured with a knife-like object. After conducting the preliminary investigation, the authorities stated that the 27-year-old Afghan man attacked another Afghanistan native who was 23 years of age.

The dispute began when Soufian T attacked his Afghanistan acquaintance with a sharp object similar to a knife, in his apartment. Despite being stabbed innumerable times and sustaining injuries, the 23-year-old Afghan victim managed to escape from Soufian T’s attack and went to the stairway. Unfortunately, he could not survive the deep stabbing wounds and passed away. The 23-year-old boy was discovered dead the next day in the morning which prompted a quick aggressive response from the police, resulting in cordoned off the area.

After attacking his acquaintance, Soufian T fled the scene with a blade 10 cm in length covered in blood. It is believed that the suspect ran toward Genossenschaftsweg Street where people in large numbers had gathered to watch the football match between Germany and Scotland. After entering a nearby apartment, Soufian T threatened people and barged into a house party where he attacked people randomly. In this shocking turn of events, the Afghan man also stabbed an elderly woman in her chest and a 75-year-old man in the back. Both victims were left seriously injured.

Police immediately responded to the house party where Soufian T attacked people and stabbed two people, a 50-year-old woman and a 72-year-old man. Both victims were taken to a nearby hospital for the treatment of their severe injuries. The suspect also visited another allotment and threatened people with a 10 cm blade covered in blood. The law enforcement agencies were too quick to respond to the distressing calls and took no longer to locate the suspect, Soufian T, 27. What happened next, has been explained in the next section. Continue reading this article.

The Afghan man, Soufian T, reportedly tried to attack the officers with a 10 cm long blade covered in blood. In self-defense, the police gunned down the suspect by shooting two shots in his head, causing immediate incapacitation. However, police rushed him to the hospital where he was declared dead by the medical team. Despite the suspect having been encountered, the authorities are not sure whether the violent rampage was an ISIS activity or related to terrorism. The Interior Ministry of Wolmirstedt has increased the police presence in the vicinity, ensuring people’s safety and maintaining peace. Stay tuned to this website for more details.

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