19 July 2024
Miriam Rusike

This is to inform you that a Zimbabwean woman lost her life while en route to the United States in hopes and dreams of a better life and more opportunities there. The deceased was known as Miriam Rusike. According to the reports, Miriam Rusike was the mother of four children. In a shocking and unexpected turn of events, Miriam Rusike passed away tragically on June 25, 2024. As of now, it has been around a week but Miriam Rusike’s body has not been repatriated as her family was not prepared for this situation. However, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched in a bid to repatriate Miriam Rusike’s body from a foreign country to her home country. In this article, we have shared all the imperative details that we know about her and the circumstances surrounding her tragic demise. You just need to go through it to the end. Drag down.

Who Was Miriam Rusike?

According to the reports, Miriam Rusike lost her life while going to the United States in hopes of getting better opportunities and a good lifestyle. Thus, she aimed to go to the US from South Africa through border jumping. Unfortunately, Miriam Rusike who was the mother of four, lost her life when she was the neared to her goal in Mexico where the tragedy struck. Mexico was the last country to cross before entering the United States for Miriam Rusike after successfully jumping the borders of countries like Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Brazil, Colombia, and South Africa.

Reportedly, the mother of four embarked on a journey from Cape Town, South Africa to the United States of America, with two companions. Miriam Rusike’s route to the US started with a flight to Bolivia where they were denied entry upon their arrival, thus they decided to go to Brazil by taking another flight. After landing in Brazil, the Zimbabwean woman and two others continued their wearisome journey by taking the bus and reaching Colombia traveling through Ecuador and Peru. Not to mention, Miriam Rusike and her two companions also faced several difficulties and unforeseen challenges but their spirit of fighting the hardship and standing tall remained high throughout the journey until they reached Mexico. Continue reading this article for more information about Miriam Rusike’s journey.

Shockingly, the mother of four Miriam Rusike also went on a five-day trek in Darien Gap which was the most difficult and scary part of their journey as they went through the notoriously dangerous stretch of dense jungle. After this, Miriam Rusike and two others traveled through Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Honduras. At last, they reached Mexico which was the last country to cross before entering their dream country, the United States of America.

When Miriam Rusike was near her goal, she struck a tragedy in Oaxaca, Mexico, which resulted in the abrupt end of her dreams. Now her body remains at Casa Funeraria Zoar, Santo Domingo Zanaepec, Oaxaca. Thus, her family is trying to repatriate her body to Zimbabwe where her four children will lay her to rest in her homeland.

The four children of Miriam Rusike are Tanaka, Tanatswa, Takunda, and Tafadzwa. The GoFundMe campaign is being organized by Domore Kabike on behalf of Miriam Rusike’s family. The fundraiser has amassed around $5000 while the family is seeking a donation of at least $8000 to repatriate her body from Mexico to Zimbabwe. People who want to help their families during this difficult situation can donate to Support Miriam Rusike’s Journey Back to Zimbabwe GoFundMe campaign. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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