19 July 2024
Vikas Shakya

India Icon Awards 2024 which recognizes the diverse range of fields from business leadership to healthcare and education, also include a category of Best Fashion Choreographer of India in which a renowned creator of Josh app has been selected as the winner. The winner of Best Fashion Choreographer of India at India Icon Awards 2024 is Vikas Shakya who has become the focal point for many influencers and netizens. After emerging as the winner at the India Icon Awards 2024, Vikas Shakya grabbed the attention and limelight of both the online audience and the media. Meanwhile, it has become an obligation for us to discuss who is Vikas Shakya and what is his success story. In case, you are also curious to learn about this Josh creator, then stick with this page and follow it to the end. Drag down.

Who Is Vikas Shakya?

Not to mention, Josh is a kind of social media platform and a great source of entertainment as well, where millions of people daily create short videos and watch them. Over the years, Josh has sidelines several renowned short video-making apps in India and became one of the leading apps in this field after TikTok’s ban in India. It won’t be wrong to say that Josh emerged as a popular short video-making app in India after the government banned the Chinese short video-making app. As of now, Josh has not only provided a great platform for the creators to exhibit their talents and creativity but also a great source of gaining fame and prominence. Nevertheless, Josh became a life-changing platform for Vikas Shakya who created headlines by winning an award at the India Icon Awards 2024.

According to the reports, Vikas Shakya is from Ghazipur, Varanasi, and he is 28 years of age. Moreover, he is a student of agriculture and has completed his master’s degree in Genetics and Plant Breeding from Banaras Hindu University. In 2021, Vikas Shakya grabbed the Mr India Icon award which gained him notoriety. For the past some time, he has been working as a Fashion grooming and choreographer and also doing some modeling projects. All this could have happened because of the short video-making app Josh which he joined during the pandemic.

Vikas Shakya revealed that he has been a multitalented person since childhood but never got any platform to showcase his talent. During the pandemic, he joined the short video-making platform Josh where he created videos of dancing, singing, acting, mimicry, playing instruments, gym, and yoga as well. The Josh creator also claimed that his journey from being an agriculture student to a Josh creator was not easy at all because he comes from a small family. But Vikas Shakya’s social media career really took off when he won the Mr India Icon award and the Model of the Year award in 2021 after creating videos on Josh. This is why we have called Josh a life-changing platform for Vikas Shakya and many more such creators who found fame and prominence by showcasing their talent.

Through his skills and knowledge, Vikas Shakya became the best fashion choreographer in India. In 2024, at the India Icon Awards Lukhnow by Naagin fame Mahekk Chahal, Vikas Shakya won the Best Fashion Choreographer of India Award. He was also referred to as the most versatile creator on Josh for showcasing his diverse range of skills and talent of singing, dancing, acting, mimicry, playing musical instruments, and many more. In 2022, Vikas Shakya was conferred with the Josh trendsetter award at an event held in Varanasi. Stay tuned to this website.

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