19 July 2024

In a shocking turn of events, heavy police responded to a shooting incident that happened near Weller Elementary School on Monday, June 17, 2024. According to the reports, the active shooter threat prompted the Springfield Police to respond to the scene where gunshots were fired, quickly alongside the other emergency services. Reportedly, the Springfield Police immediately launched a search operation to hunt the suspect who shot fires near Weller Elementary School. To note, the suspect also shot one officer of Springfield Police Department during the hunt. As the suspect was involved in a gunfire exchange with the police, this incident has left everyone in Missouri frightened and stunned as well. Several questions are swirling in the minds such as has the suspect has been arrested and identified, what happened to the officer who was shot by the active shooter, and more. Everything imperative to learn about the Springfield shooting, has been explained in detail in this article. Drag down the page for more information.

Who Is Theodore Davis?

On Monday, an incident in Springfield prompted law enforcement to launch an aggressive investigation to arrest the active shooter in the area. In the wake of an active shooter threat in the area, the police advised the residents of Missouri City to stay inside their homes or offices until the active shooter is arrested. Meanwhile, shortly after the investigation launched to catch the shooter, police encircled the suspect not too far from the place where shots were fired. In an unexpected turn, the suspect started exchanging gunfire with the police in Greene County and allegedly shot an officer as well. Due to the active shooter in the city, the traffic outside the Weller Elementary School was also diverted. Continue reading this article for more details.

Speaking of the circumstances surrounding the Springfield shooting incident, it was reported that the shooting unfolded on North Fremont Avenue and East Division Road near Weller Elementary School on Monday. As some shots were fired there, police declared an active shooter situation in the city and advised the civilians to stay indoors. The Police radio transmission suggested that no one was shot or injured in the shooting except a police officer. Due to the threat of an active shooter, the police closed Blaine Street while hunting the shooter. When the police encircled the suspect, he was involved in a gunfire exchange with the Springfield Police, leaving one officer injured with the bullet.

Reportedly, the deputy of Springfield Police was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. However, the name of the injured police officer has not been disclosed but it was announced that he is in stable condition and the bullet has been removed from his body. Sheriff Jim Arnott in a news conference while wearing a bulletproof vest, explained the circumstances and confirmed that the active shooter has been arrested. Jim Arnott revealed that the suspect of the Springfield shooting has been arrested and identified as Theodore Davis. Take a peek below for more details.

The suspect in the Springfield shooting incident is now in custody. It is said that Theodore Davis is a resident of Springfield and he is 41 years old. Sheriff Jim Arnott termed this incident as a scary event which fortunately ended on a positive note with the arrest of the suspect and life saving of the injured police officer. He also expressed his gratitude as his deputy is in good condition. Felony charges have been levied on Theodore Davis. An investigation has been launched into this matter by the Fugitive Apprehension Unit. Stay tuned for more details and further updates.

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