15 July 2024
Richard Lubbock

The popular television series Breaking Bad has shifted the attention of the broader audience to Richard Lubbock who is the real-life Walter White. Yes, you read that right, Richard Lubbock is the real-life Walter White because he is the biggest dealer of methamphetamine in the United Kingdom. Since Breaking Bad shed light on the life journey of Richard Lubbock and showcased how he became the drug kingpin from a middle-class stockbroker, people have become extremely curious to learn about him. Catering to the queries of the people about Richard Lubbock, we have discussed all the high points of his life and journey to become a drug kingpin from a stock broker. Kindly delve into the details and dig deeper into the extraordinary story of Richard Lubbock. Drag down the page.

Who Is Richard Lubbock?

Richard Lubbock explained his story of becoming the biggest drug dealer in the UK from a middle-class father who used to work as a stockbroker. At the age of 77, Richard Lubbock narrated his success in the crime world eventually culminated in a raid at his penthouse located in London. It was 2009 when around 30 police officers raided his London penthouse and registered the largest-ever seizure of crystal methamphetamine.

The staggering quantity of drugs became the reason Richard Lubbock’s name came to the headlines as the police seized cocaine worth £1.5 million which was hidden in ice cream. According to Breaking Bad, Lubbock hid the staggering quantity of cocaine in his favorite dessert with Magnum Classics. Richard also asserted that he did not have that much but the chemicals that were found were the same ones that became the main plot for the television series Breaking Bad in which Lubbock’s journey of becoming the biggest meth dealer from being a simple stock broker.

Richard Lubbock shared that he entered the crime world after his separation from his wife Marilyn and his 19-year-old son at that time. This event of his life plunged him into the criminal underground. Richard Lubbock had a radical physical metamorphosis and started wearing tank shirts with an arm tattoo as well. Initially, he tried cannabis and ecstasy but later he started dealing with methamphetamine. As he used to work as a stockbroker, his network helped him in securing better deals.

As Richard Lubbock dealt with methamphetamine, his story is said to be parallel to Walter White who is a chemistry instructor and starts producing and dealing with the same drug, methamphetamine. While narrating his story, Richard Lubbock made it clear that he never has been armed. Talking about his London penthouse, Richard Lubbock said his penthouse was the center of his all operations in the crime world. In addition, he also compared his penthouse to the doctor’s waiting room because he was selling the best or finest drugs in England at that time. In a turn of shocking revelations, Richard Lubbock also claimed that many renowned and successful businessmen were his clients at that time. Famous personalities trusted him because he was quite more professional than other drug dealers in Britain. Meanwhile, Richard Lubbock was referred to as a ‘perfect drug dealer’.

Richard Lubbock has a son named James who is 46 years of age as of now, also opened up about the experience of going to his father’s penthouse. James also admitted that he felt so much relief after his father was arrested. Police raided Richard Lubbock’s penthouse because of his lavish lifestyle and a spree of expensive cars including Rolls Royce. In the end, Richard Lubbock was sentenced to eight years but his sentence was reduced to four years because of his good behavior.

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