15 July 2024
Leangle Rodriguez

This is to inform you that Isabella County Police have identified the suspect in the Mount Pleasant shooting incident that happened near Airport Road and caused a lockdown in that area. Since the shooting occurred near Airport Road in Mount Pleasant, the Isabella County Police have been looking into the matter and tracing the footprints of the suspect whose name is disclosed as Leangle Rodriguez. After the announcement that the suspect’s identity was confirmed, the residents of Michigan became keen to learn the updates of the investigation to catch the suspect. As of now, several questions related to the Mount Pleasant shooting incident such as what was the motive of the shooting, was anyone injured in the shooting, and more, are swirling among people. Thus, we have poured in all the latest updates and key details of this event in this article. Go through to the end.

Who Is Leangle Rodriguez?

The Isabella County Police responded to a shooting complaint from Mount Pleasant’s Airport Road where the law enforcement agencies imposed a lockdown amid the threat of active shooter in the city. By the time police responded to the shooting location, the suspect had fled the scene. However, the law enforcement offices have confirmed the identity of the person who allegedly shot fires near Airport Road in Mount Pleasant. The suspect was identified as Leangle Rodriguez.

Several hours after the shooting incident, heavy police were present at the scene amid the active shooter situation in the area which also caused a lockdown for several hours at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort, the location where the shooting happened. Amid the threat of active shooter in Mount Pleasant, after several shots were fired at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort, the Isabella County Sheriff’s Office also issued an alert for civilians to stay indoors until the next notice comes out. The officials were working on the emergency situation and ensuring the safety of the residents from the active shooter.

Making people informed about the suspect, law enforcement revealed some key details of the person who allegedly shot fires at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort, such as his name, image, and descent. According to Isabella County Police, the suspect in the Mount Pleasant shooting is identified as Leangle Rodriguez who is a Hispanic man and of Cuban descent. Furthermore, the Cuban man who allegedly shot fires near Airport Road is said to be residing in Isabella County. The Mount Pleasant State Police also shared an image of the Hispanic man’s face along with the key details such as he standing at the stretched height of 6 feet 3 inches with a lean build and aged 60 years. Furthermore, Leangle Rodriguez was last seen wearing a black outfit without further description of his dress or clothing. However, it was also shared that Leangle Rodriguez is bald on top and has gray hair on the back and sides.  Drag down the page and read more details.

Leangle Rodriguez is said to be a native of Neuvitas, Cuba but he has been living in Mount Pleasant for some time. The suspect in the Mt. Pleasant shooting is also active on Facebook where he has shared a number of posts as well. In his posts, the suspect has been seen partying. According to his social media accounts, the Cuban man migrated to Isabella County in January 2024. Now Isabella Police is hunting for him as he is accused of assault and shooting in Mount Pleasant. The deputies also have warned that the suspect might be armed. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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