13 July 2024
Lamor Miller-Whitehead

The Manhattan Federal Court sentenced a flamboyant bishop from Brooklyn on Monday, June 17, 2024. The flashy preacher in question is named Lamor Miller-Whitehead. He is 45 years old preacher. Recently, he became part of headlines when the federal court found him guilty in a fraud case and sentenced him to nine years in jail. Yes, you read that right, the flamboyant bishop who has played up connections to the mayor of New York City as well, has been sentenced to nine years in jail for multiple fraud charges. Since this news broke out, people have become keen to learn more about this flashy Brooklyn bishop’s case. Lamor Miller-Whitehead has become a major talking point after the judge said the Rolls Royce-driving preacher’s remorse was not meaningful. In case, you are scrambling to the web regarding this news, stick with this page and go through to the end.

Who Is Lamor Miller-Whitehead?

During the trial on Monday, the judge of the Manhattan federal court, Lorna G Schofield announced the sentence for Lamor Miller-Whitehead after considering the preacher’s remorse. Judge Lorna G Schofield said that Rolls Royce-driving preacher Lamor Miller-Whitehead’s remorse does not sound meaningful, who is convicted of fleecing one parishioner out of $90K in retirement savings besides other fraud allegations. Speaking of the New York bishop’s statement, he said that he was remorseful but boasted of his good deeds for the community and expressed his regrets about his trial which prompted the judge to remind him that sentencing is not a time to relitigate the case.

The Manhattan federal court judge Lorna G Schofield interrupted Lamor Miller-Whitehead by saying the jury heard the evidence and rendered its verdict as well. For the unversed, the New York bishop was found guilty and convicted of all the charges he was facing including wire fraud, making false statements, and attempted extortion as well. The judge asserted that the bishop committed his crime in the court when he testified during the trial.

While announcing the sentence for Lamor Miller-Whitehead, the judge mentioned that due to the high probability of committing a crime in the future by Lamor Miller-Whitehead, it is necessary to announce a long prison sentence, because the previous convicted criminals for similar crimes did not prevent him from committing more crimes in the future. While scolding Lamor Miller-Whitehead, the judge said that he does not seem to have an appreciation of the impact of his crimes. The flamboyant preacher said when he was asked to be spared a prison sentence that he is an honorable man and his family needs him. The preacher also asked for another chance from the judge. If you are wondering what crime Lamor Miller-Whitehead committed, take a peek below.

The New York bishop reportedly grew a friendship with New York City mayor Eric Adams when was serving as Brooklyn’s borough president before he was elected as the mayor of the city. The prosecutor argued that flamboyant bishop Lamor Miller-Whitehead used the mayor’s name to commit fraud and extortion. However, it is noteworthy that New York City’s mayor Eric Adams was not facing any fraud charges or accused of any wrongdoing in this case. However, the accused mentioned Eric Adams’s name before the judge announced the sentence of 9 years in jail.

For the unversed, Lamor Miller-Whitehead became a religious person in 2013 and formed the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries. He suddenly became a topic of the town, thanks to his designer dresses. Once, an armed man robbed his jewelry worth $1 million during a church service. Reportedly, Miller preached primarily in Brooklyn and bought an apartment in Hartford, Connecticut, and a $1.6 million home in Paramus, New Jersey.

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