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Who is Jai Shetty’s ‘Indian’… Who did Hero Will Smith meetNews WAALI

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American actor Will Smith was banned from the award ceremony for 10 years after hitting comedian Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscar Awards. That’s why he didn’t make it to the Oscar Awards this year. In this free time, Will Smith along with his family has come to meet life coach Jai Shetty.

Jai Shetty shared the picture of this meeting on his Instagram. In this, Will Smith is seen posing with his wife Jada and Gami Norris and American actress Lauren London and life coach Jay Shetty. While sharing this photo, Jai Shetty has said that he is very grateful to the friends who came to support him in this show. He would also like to thank the people for coming to this show organized in his city.

Why was Will Smith banned?

In fact, Chris Rock made fun of Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith’s wife, at the 2022 Oscar Awards. Jada has been fighting a disease called ‘Alopecia’ for several years. Chris made fun of Jada’s baldness and compared her to GI Gen 2. After this, Will Smith went on stage and slapped Chris Rock at the awards ceremony itself. After this, the award organizing committee banned him for a whole decade ie 10 years.

Who is Jai Shetty?

Jai Shetty is a British citizen of Indian origin. Born to a Gujarati mother and a South Indian father, Jai grew up in London. During business education, Jai Shetty met Gauranga Das, a Buddhist monk. Gaurang was invited to speak at his school on lifestyle. Impressed by his lecture and meeting, Jai Shetty attended some of his other lectures. After this he lived in India for 4 years. During this he received training at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. After this he lived as a Vedic monk in an ashram in Mumbai.

After this he returned back to the UK and worked as a digital media trainer. Meanwhile, American author and businesswoman Arianna Huffington was impressed by watching his videos. He then asked Jai to make a video on ‘human’ relationships. This completely changed his field. During this he took interviews with many famous personalities.

He won the ITV Asian Media Award in the year 2016 and the Streamy Media Award in the year 2018. After this he launched a podcast called ‘On Purpose’ in the year 2019. This podcast became the number one podcast in the world within a year . In this podcast, he talks about relationships and dating people. Also, answer questions from the audience. After the success of this podcast, he came out as a life coach. This year his book ‘8 Rules of Love’ has been published. This book proved to be a best seller. At the moment, Jai Shetty is on his ‘world tour’ and during this time he is doing a show called ‘Love Rules’. Many celebrities also participate in his show.