23 July 2024
Francesco Mattina

Francesco Mattina is a very well-known personality in the comic book world. He also worked with famous publishers such as DC and Dynamite. However, currently, his name is circulating over the internet. Recently, he is become a controversial topic on the web. This is not the first time when he stuck into the social media controversy due to his work. We can say, that Francesco Mattina has a controversial history for a long time. The comic star Francesco Mattina always faces allegations about plagiarising and stealing. Recently, an allegation has been made by Adi Granov against Francesco Mattina. What are the allegations? Why his name is highlighted on the internet surface? If you are also keen to learn about the same go through the page and read the full article. Let’s discuss this In detail.

As we all are familiar with Francesco Mattina, is a big name in the comic book world. Meanwhile, his career was highlighted as copying other comic books. However, this is not the first time when he faced allegations as in 2019, he faced a serious allegation of copying the designs from another artist. After this controversy, Marvel Comics stop collaborating with Mattina. In 2024, he again faced a serious allegation of plagiarising art and using AI in his comic books. This week, the allegation has been made by the comic artist stars Adi Granov and Scott Williams. As we all are familiar with Adi Granov who is a renowned Bosnian-American comic book artist and conceptual designer. Let us inform you that, he is not the first time of victim of Mattina’s alleged copying of art. Recently, he shared a post on his social media to raise his voice about his work and the other person who is theft his art. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

Let’s take a look at the statement of Adi Granov. As per Granov, Mattina the comic book star, made his career by plagiarising and stealing art including Adi. He does not consider Mattina as an artist as it is a dislike button for him. He also shared Mattina’s recent works and pointed out several mistakes. He criticizes the arts of Mattina by tagging him as a plagiariser and stealer. Furthermore, he also said, Mattina worked hard to make a good fan following with his cheap and disgusting works. He also stole the minor elements from Adi’s work such as blurs, lens flares, and many other things. He also said he was not the first who criticize Mattina and his works. Mattina is facing allegations from many other artists. But, he never accepted his allegation even evidence was also clear. Meanwhile, this type of work is also making a high impact on the industry.

Adi also explained that stealing someone’s work can impact the industry. He shared about his early life when he was not a much younger artist. During his early life, he copied Arthur Sudyam’s zombie Silver Surfer cover which he later used for his works. He later felt that it is not good to steal someone’s art who worked hard to make it. However, recently, Mattina is center of the controversy due to the using AI in art. The issues are also raising concerns about the industry. Every field industry runs with the hard work of the artist. The debate is circulating surrounding AI in art which raised several questions. Cian Tormey also pointed out the same. As per Tormey, every editor hirs the artist for turning a simple work into cover art. The industry is boycotting the AI works. Keep following this page for more updates.

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