21 June 2024
Shekinah Church

As of now, Shekinah Church is becoming one of the most discussed topics on the web after circulating a few allegations about the abuse and “cult-like” behavior. The church has its own history and different chapters. In today’s report, we are going to shed light on one of the most highlighted churches, Yes we are talking about Shekinah Church. It has been covered with several allegations. Currently, netzines hit the search engine regarding Shekinah Church and where it is active. This page will help you to learn about the same. If you want to know the complete information regarding the same go through the page and read the full article. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Is Shekinah Church Still Active Now?

A very well-known man Robert Shinn founded the Shekinah Church International in 1994. However, the Shekinah Church is facing several allegations such as cult-like behavior. Let us inform you that, it was founded for the religious community of Korean Americans. The real story of this place came to know in 2009 when a woman named Lydia Chung filed a lawsuit against the Shekinah Church. What was the allegation? As per Lydia Chung, the very well-known Shekinah Church was responsible for separating her from her family members. It is also alleged that they also fraud her of over $4 million. If you are unfamiliar with Robert Shinn, let us inform you that, he is CEO of 7M Films Management company and is also a pastor at the Shekinah Church. However, recently he has been facing a serious allegation by both former members. On the other side, as per Robert Shinn, the allegation which has been made against him is wrong. But, according to both former members of the Church and clients, they are abused by his behavior. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

As we earlier mentioned, the Shekinah Church International was founded in 1994 by Robert Shinn for Korean Americans. In 2022, an allegation was made against Shinn with his company. It was about 2009 when the lawsuit was filed by Lydia Chung against Shinn. At the court, the judges were with Shinn and proved the allegations wrong. Lydia Chung described it as a cult. As per Lydia, the decision is ruining people. According to her, the whole organization is worse and treated very badly. Lydia is not the first who make allegations against Shinn. The other name comes coming the Wilking family. In 2022, a TikTok video went viral on the internet and raised several questions. Wilking family’s allegations are the same as was of Lydia. As per these allegations, members of Shinn appeared in general abusive conduct. As per the family, the communication of the family was cut with their daughter Miranda Wilking. Kylie Douglas is also another victim of the same case. Overall, all victims are the cause of manipulating, running people down, and many more. Learn more in the next section.

Now, the question is raised that still, this Church is active. The answer is yes. After facing so many allegations from the different victims, the Shekinah Church International working in the same way. As per the official website of the Church, “It was created to save one billion souls, raising leaders for the Body of Christ and supporting the gospel by all means.” On the other side, Shinn’s other work 7M Films was founded in 2021. A statement was issued by Shinn’s company which claimed that the allegations made are false as the woman named Miranda is still a successful businessman. It is also confirmed that Shinn is found guilty and not facing any charges. However, the next hearing is going to take place in 2025. Keep following for more updates.

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