23 July 2024
Gary Wayt

On Sunday, June 9, 2024, Gary Wayt was reported missing. This case immediately captivated everyone’s attention because the missing person was described as the fiance of Teen Mom star Amber Portwood. Yes, you read that right, Gary Wayt who is the fiance of Amber Portwood, has been reported missing and his concerns over his whereabouts and well-being have grown to an extent because a long time has passed since he disappeared. Despite intense actions and many volunteer operations to locate Amber Portwood’s fiance, he has not been found yet, making his family, friends, and others worried about his safety. Meanwhile, several questions also have erupted in the wake of circumstances surrounding Gary Wayt’s disappearance. In the following sections of this article, we have explained everything that we know about Gary Wayt’s missing case and what are the latest updates from the investigation. Stick with this page and follow it to the end. Swipe down.

According to the reports, Gary Wayt was officially announced missing around a week ago, on Sunday, June 9, 2024. As mentioned, Gary Wayt is the fiance of reality television star Amber Portwood, his missing case turned eyeballs after the police department shared the news officially. When he was reported missing, police said that Gary Wayt disappeared from Bryson City North Carolina. The police immediately launched an intensive search operation to locate the fiance of Amber Portwood. As a result, he was spotted in a surveillance video retrieved from Oklahoma. In the CCTV footage, Gary Wayt was driving his car, according to the Bryson City Police Department.

While addressing the investigation updates, Bryson City Police said they received an automated alert notification about Gary Wayt’s car spotted in Sooner State Oklahoma. The police also confirmed Gary’s last seen position through his car’s registration license plate. Moreover, the investigation reports also claimed that Gary Wayt also visited a Verizon store in Oklahoma state and the store’s workers also confirmed his visit to law enforcement.

Following the disappearance of Gary Wayt, the police department of Bryson City issued a missing notice containing Amber Portwood’s fiance’s personal details. The post claims Gary Wayt is 39 years of age and he has brown eyes. Recently, the 39-year-old missing man exchanged engagement rings with Tenn Mom star Amber Portwood. The police also revealed further details about the missing person that Gary Wayt had been living with Amber Portwood at a cabin near Bryson City where he attended Amber Portwood’s brother’s wedding ceremony held on Saturday, June 8, 2024. A day after the reality TV star’s brother’s marriage, her fiance Gary Wayt went missing on Sunday, June 9, 2024.

The circumstances surrounding his disappearance have not been understood yet. It remains unknown if Gary Wayt disappeared intentionally. Meanwhile, Amber Portwood was asked about her terms with Gary Wayt. The reality TV star claimed that their relationship was going on smoothly and she called it wonderful. Amber Portwood also expressed her concerns for Gary’s safety and well-being.

Through the help of Bee’s YouTube channel, reality TV star Amber Portwood requested people to help her in locating her fiance. The 34-year-old reality TV star said that her fiance is missing and nobody knows where he is. She further said that Gary’s parents and the rest of the people who know him are worried and scared as well. Amber Portwood also asserted that her fiance is expected to drive in Indiana and North Carolina which are full of mountains. Gary Wayt was last seen driving his Gray Nissan Rouge SUV, a 2009 model with Indiana number plates. Stay tuned to this website for more updates.

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