16 July 2024

Prolific vocalist of the MAMAMOO group, Wheein recently dropped the official teaser poster of her upcoming single track titled Cocowater. Not to mention, the title of Wheein’s upcoming digital single gives the laid-back summer vibes. Thus, fans are expecting a fresh and fun experience with this song. However, as of yet, Wheein has released only the teaser images of the song, it is still due to be released. What is the official release date of Wheein’s upcoming song Cocowater? If the questions related to Wheein’s Cocowater also prevail in your mind, stick with this page and go through the article to the end. Swipe down the page for more information. Swipe down.

Wheein from MAMAMOO Unveils Dreamy Teaser for ‘Cocowater’ Single

In the newly released teaser pictures of Wheein’s upcoming song, the lead singer can be seen in a dreamy summer goddess image as she is standing on the beach and staring at something giving a strange expression as she is lost in thought during sunset, giving light-hearted summer vibes. The poster of Cocowater has both fresh and fun vibes as well as mysterious feelings. Who composed this song? As fans are showing their curiosity about this song, they have also become keen to learn the key details of the song such as composer, lyricist, vocalist, and more.

According to the reports, the digital single track Cocwater is composed by Bottle Paik and Livy, while the lyrics of the song are penned by Suen Rohde. Following the release of teaser pictures of Cocowater, the K-netizens speculated that this song will also have a pop-based laid-back summer vibe like Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter and Somebody by Loco and Hwasa, and Watermelon Sugarby Harry Styles. The concept photo of Wheein’s Cocowater has captivated the attention of the audience on social media, adding a layer of intrigue and curiosity among them.

The golden vocalist of MAMAMOO, Wheein shared her images of standing on the beach staring at something to give strange expressions during sunset. The teaser pictures of Wheein’s upcoming digital song came days after when Wheein’s stylist and team teased her fans by saying something special was coming. The surprise of vocalist Wheein happened to be her upcoming song Cocowater. Now fans are eagerly seeking details of Cocowater’s release. When it will be released? The recently released teaser picture of Wheein’s upcoming digital song did not mention its release date. It only cites “coming soon” about its release date. Wheein will share a further update regarding her song’s release date.

It will be the first song of Wheein after a hiatus of five months. The singer had not released any track in the past five months since she went on her first solo world tour where she interacted with her fans in different parts of the world. Thus, Wheein’s fans are ecstatic to get her new song. The last song that Wheein released as a solo artist was in February and it was titled Wheee. Reportedly, singer Wheein teased her fans during her world tour with “Shhh” from her upcoming album which eventually increased the excitement and anticipation among the fans.

It is anticipated that Wheein will drop her upcoming digital single Cocowater at 6 PM KST. The music video of this song has captured the essence of the summer vibe and it will resonate with the refreshing themes seen in the teaser pictures. The fans are eagerly waiting for this song especially after several hints and glimpses into the music video have been shared during Wheein’s world tour. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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