19 July 2024
Sean Patrick Bryan

The Mole Season 2 has been streaming exclusively on streaming giant platform Netflix and this reality show has released five episodes so far but the identity of the mole has not been identified. It remains who is the mole in season 2. Amidst the speculation about the identity of the mole in The Mole Season 2, the audience has shifted its attention to one of its contestants named Sean Patrick Bryan. As the discussion of Season 2’s mole has intensified over the release of five episodes so far, Sean Patrick Bryan’s past life has become a subject of fans’ scrutiny. To cater to the queries of The Mole Season 2 viewers, we have mentioned everything that is known about contestant Sean Patrick Bryan. Go through the column to the end to know what was Sean Patrick Bryan’s old job or previous profession. Swipe down.

What Was Sean Patrick Bryan’s Previous Job?

The basic concept of the Netflix show, The Mole, is to figure out who among the contestants is the sabotaging Mole. Due to the skills he shows in the show, Sean Patrick Bryan is speculated to be a retired undercover police officer which will help him in identifying the sabotaging Mole and spotting the other contestants who are lying. According to the reports, The Mole Season 2 star Sean Patrick Bryan is a former undercover cop who is now working as a part-time actor besides being a stay-at-home father who has a passion for 80s and 90s boy bands.

The discussion over Sean Patrick Bryan’s previous job began when he said his background and career record do not allow him to sabotage the other contestant’s chances of winning the prize money. He is in the show only to win the competition so that he can win cash for the sake of his family. While explaining why he is not a Mole, to Tudum, Sean Patrick Bryan said he is there to compete for his family and win cash but not to sabotage or ruin other people’s chances of winning cash.

However, Sean Patrick Bryan is not too suspicious but his old job became a thing of scrutinizing as he did not tell anyone about his previous job as an undercover cop. During the Money Tower mission, Sean Patrick Bryan could easily back out rappelling because he was faster than Melissa but still, he only took some money out. In Episode 4 of The Mole Season 2, Sean Patrick Bryan sabotages the one-third portion of the server task just to draw attention and confuse other contestants. Meanwhile, he found himself as one of the three contestants getting the most votes for the Special Delivery mission. However, he did not receive the most votes but only one vote probably from Michael who seems also invisible most often. At the start of season 2, Michael avoids much attention and he saves himself during the fortune cookie game which shows everyone that he is not the suspect. Michael once told Tudum that he is not mole as he is too talkative.

The most happen-to-be-mole is Muna who is a 24-year-old software engineer because she was named by her fellow contestants who are one of the most trustworthy players in the group. If Muna had gone with the group, they would each contributed $5000 but Muna did not go with the group and took the test correction instead which resulted in another $5000 minus from the collective prize pot. Muna also has publicly claimed that she is not there to play nice but she is there to win. Muna also told Tudum that she is a detective at heart, indicating she is not a suspect.

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