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What steps did the son take after being hanged by the bandit father?News WAALI

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(Web Desk) The young man who was withdrawing money from the ATM was robbed by the father of the thief, the son also surprised everyone by taking extreme measures.

According to the details, the bandit in Scotland unknowingly robbed the son, the bandit was so unconscious that he could not realize that he was robbing his own son, where the 45 year old bandit robbed the 17 year old boy who was pulling money from the ATM grabbed him from behind and robbed him with a knife around his neck, the hanged young man did not see the appearance of the bandit but he recognized the voice, the young man was surprised that the bandit was not none other than his neck. father, the young man said, “Do you know?” Who is returning?

The bandit listened and said whoever you are, I don’t care, give me the money and don’t look back. He felt ashamed and apologized and said I was forced, I had no choice, the son ran towards the house without saying anything and told the family and after consultation the police were informed. The accused was arrested from his home and sentenced to 26 months imprisonment today.

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