19 July 2024
Katie Simpson and Paul Lusby

Recently, the family of Paul Lusby pointed out some points in the investigation of Katie Simpson’s murder and claimed Paul would be alive if those leads were not missed or ignored during the investigation. For the unversed, Jonathan Creswell was the alleged suspect in the murder case of an Irish showjumper named Katie Simpson in August 2020. The suspect was put on trial after frequent attempts of persuasion but Jonathan Creswell was found dead a day after his trial began. What happened with Katie Simpson and Paul Lusby and how Jonathan Creswell was allegedly involved in their deaths, have been explained in detail. Keep reading this article for more information. Drag down the page.

In August 2020, the Irish showjumper Katie Simpson was killed, and Jonathan Creswell was accused in the murder and rape case of Katie Simpson. Shockingly a whistleblower named Paul Lusby made shocking claims about the accused in Katie Simpson’s murder and rape case, that Jonathan Creswell was a serial criminal. As per the investigation report, the whistleblower also tried to inform the police about criminal offender Jonathan Creswell’s crimes and activities many days before Jonathan Creswell was arrested and put on trial.

In a shocking turn of events, a relative of whistleblower Paul Lusby told the Belfast Telegraph that he would be alive today if the authorities and Northern Ireland Police Service had heard him seriously and took action against Jonathan Creswell immediately. These claims were made by Lusby’s relative after the three women who witnessed Katie Simpson’s death circumstances, admitted to charges of covering up Katie’s death in June 2023. Paul Lusby was the father of four children and used to work as a whistleblower while Katie Simpson was a showjumper.

Unfortunately, the whistleblower lost his life almost a year before Jonathan Creswell was put on trial after repeated persuasion, as he tried to inform the police service in Northern Ireland about Jonathan Creswell’s criminal activities and relevant evidence in Katie Simpson’s death. The family of the victim says Jonathan Creswell mercilessly assaulted Katie Simpson and tried to make it look like Katie had committed suicide or taken her own life. But the family of Katie who was brutally killed and raped, made repeated persuasion attempts to put Jonathan Creswell on trial. Meanwhile, the court finally put Jonathan Creswell on trial and scheduled to start it on April 15, 2024. Swipe down the page.

The decision of the court to put Jonathan Creswell on trial came after two women who witnessed the circumstances of Katie Simpson’s death, changed their testimonies and pleas to guilty on January 19, 2024. However, they have been released on bail and remain free until sentencing. If you are wondering when will their sentencing take place, then note that the court will announce the sentence to them after the main trial faced by Jonathan Creswell is concluded. As mentioned, the trial started on April 25, 2024, but the suspect Jonathan Creswell also died as he was found dead at his home a day after the trial commenced.

It is said that Katie Simpson’s alleged murderer Jonathan Creswell had a history of violence with his ex-wife Abi Lyle who revealed in January 2024 that she believed killing someone was just a matter of time for Jonathan Creswell. In 2010, serial offender Jonathan Creswell also served in jail for six months when he pleaded guilty to assaulting his partner. Abi Lyle revealed that Jonathan Creswell used to beat her regularly and once he also crashed her into the forest to beat her. Stay tuned to this website.

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