21 July 2024
Brandi Clarke

Recently the mother of Brandi Clarke who passed away last year in March from a serious illness, opened up about her daughter’s cause of death and the circumstances surrounding her demise. Heidi Clarke is the mother of Brandi Clarke, who shed light on her daughter’s medical condition in a bid to make aware people of it. However, it has been over a year since Brandi Clarke lost her life and people have been eagerly seeking details about her illness. Since Heidi Clarke came to the fore and explained what happened to her daughter, people in large numbers have been reeling from the pain of Brandi Clarke’s death. However, several questions related to Brandi Clarke’s demise are still swirling among them. We have pondered all the imperative queries raised on the internet. Let’s delve into the details and read what Heidi Clarke said. Swipe down.

Who was Brandi Clarke?

When Brandi Clarke passed away in March 2023, she was just 25 years of age. As she departed her life at a young age, people were left extremely distressed and intrigued to learn what happened to her. As per the reports, Brandi Clarke was a resident of a government transitional housing facility in Charlottetown, which is run by the Canadian Mental Health Association. According to her mother Heidi Clarke, Brandi Clarke passed away from Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Yes, her cause of death was related to diabetes. Continue reading this article to learn more about her.

The disease from which Brandi Clarke was suffering was a serious illness named Diabetic Ketoacidosis and it occurs due to the deficiency of insulin in the body. A person illed with Diabetic Ketoacidosis suffers from fat burning instead of glucose due to not enough insulin in the body which helps in turning the glucose into energy. Furthermore, during this process Ketones are created and most often in the blood. Thus, Brandi Clarke’s body was not able to use glucose as a source of energy and used her body fat instead.

The mother of deceased, Heidi Clarke added that there should be more clear and recorded warning signals before her daughter’s demise. Furthermore, Heidi also added that her daughter’s health required extra assistance and treatment because she suffered from psychosis in addition to Type 1 diabetes or Diabetic Koteacidosis which could be avoided with proper insulin shots and blood sugar monitoring. As her daughter was also struggling with mental health along with diabetes, she needed supervision as she was not able to take care of herself.

As mentioned, Brandi Clarke used to live in a government-funded transitional home located in Charlottetown and run by CMHA (Canadian Mental Health Association), thus her mother claimed that the staff should properly take care of Brandi’s health and learn that if her daughter’s diabetes was in control. In a shocking turn of events, Heidi Clarke blamed the staff who disregarded its duty to take care of Brandi Clarke. The PEI woman also claimed that no one was monitoring Brandi’s diabetes because if they did they would know it. She also raised a question about why was no one assisting her with that even though they knew Brandi was not capable of handling it.

Now the 25-year-old Charlottetown girl’s mother is seeking a reply and clarification from the staff designated for taking care of Brandi Clarke at the transitional home. However, Heidi also added that she knew nobody would answer her. Before moving into the Summerside transitional house run by the CMHA, Brandi Clarke used to live with her mother till May 2021. Stay tuned to this website.

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