23 July 2024
Owning Manhattan

The newly launched series of Netflix, Owning Manhattan has been doing wonders in terms of viewership and ratings as the audience is praising the concept of providing glimpses into the professional and personal lives of the real estate agents. In this Netflix series, real estate agents of a new company called SERHANT, navigate the luxury market in Manhattan. So far, only three episodes of this series have been released or streamed on the streaming giant platform. In the latest episode of Owning Manhattan, a Commercial Real Estate agent named Jade opens up about her husband’s affair after she receives a direct message from someone. What happened in Episode 3 of Owning Manhattan, has been comprehensibly explained in this article. Kindly stick with this page and go through the article to the end. Swipe down.

What Happened In Owning Manhattan Episode 3?

Netflix introduced Jade Shenker as a commercial real estate strategist and socialite. In the latest episode, the co-employees of SERHANT, a new real estate startup company, meet up when Jade opens up about her husband’s affair in the presence of Chloe Tucker Caine, Jordan Hurt, and Jessica Taylor. Jordan Hurt told Jade Shenker that he knew his husband whom he met for the first time, while Jordan, Jade, and Jessica were discussing the corporate event of Episode 2. But Jade seemed not to be happy at hearing her husband’s name by the co-workers of SERHANT. Meanwhile, Jade’s eyes become teary as she says she got a direct message from someone. The cast members of Owning Manhattan sympathized with Jade after knowing that her husband was involved in an extra-marital affair.

In Episode 3, Jade says to Jordan, Jessica, and Chloe that her husband is always supportive and he also knows she has been working hard here and there. She further said that she received a DM from a girl while she was sleeping on the couch. The third episode of the Netflix series is titled Negative Vibe Merchants and its synopsis says Jade seeks guidance for her career and life as well. Jordan Hurt stages an iconic listing on a shoestring budget and conflict occurs at the real estate awards ceremony. Scroll down the page.

Is Jade’s husband cheating on her? This question is currently prevailing in every viewer of Owning Manhattan. Chloe also gets emotional upon seeing Jade break into tears. Jade and Chloe are best friends in the show and it is a rare situation when Chloe sees her friend in such a serious situation. Before Chloe entered the room, Jordan revealed that Jade was discussing something. After knowing Jade was hiding something from her, Chloe gets upset at her best friend Jade for discussing her problem with everyone else but not with her.

But when Chloe and Jade come face-to-face, Jade breaks into tears and says it was cause sometimes she does not trust her and feels like she also gonna cry and ask questions that she can not answer. Jade who is married to her husband Matt, was asked if her husband cheated on her with one girl or multiple girls. Jade keeps crying without answering Chloe’s question. Later Jade says she found her husband cheating on her. She has been trying to do everything and try to be perfect and do what her husband likes. Chloe insists her friend stop hiding things from her. It will be interesting to see if Jade forgives Matt or leaves him. To know what will happen next, watch Owning Manhattan Season 1 on Netflix. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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