13 July 2024

This is to inform you that the official music video of VIXX member Hyuk’s Home song has been released on YouTube.

To note, Hyuk released the music video of Home in a bid to give tribute to his fans who have been supporting him and standing for him in everything. The official MV of VIXX’s Hyuk’s “Home” came as a surprise and a special gift to the fans because Hyuk dropped the song amid his military servings.

Therefore, fans of Hyuk have been reacting to the music video of the Home song by Hyuk as a surprise gift. In the following sections of this article, we have a lot more to discuss about Hyuk’s Home song and its official music video. Swipe down the page and learn more.

Hyuk of VIXX Drops Emotional ‘Home’ MV as a Tribute to Fans

Hyuk who enlisted for mandatory military services on April 18, 2024, recently dropped the official music video of his song “Home”, hinting that Hyuk had shot the video for the song before enlisting for the mandatory military duties. His management Companion Company announced the news that the final member of VIXX, Hyuk would enlist for the mandatory military services.

In addition, Hyuk also expressed his gratitude to his fans for supporting and showering love on him. In return, Hyuk promised his fans to come back as a more mature artist and healthier as well.

Meanwhile, Hyuk gave a surprise gift to his fans by releasing the official music video of his song Home, confirming to his fans that he has not forgotten his promise. Interestingly, Hyuk released the official music video of Home on the occasion of his 29th birthday.

Nothing can be more special than releasing the music video of his song “Home” for his fans. Therefore, the release of Home’s official MV marks even more special meaning for the fans. What is in the video? If you have not watched the video, keenly go through the next section.

In the official music video of Hyuk’s Home, Hyuk can be seen giving melancholic expressions. The video starts with a close-up of the singer while lip-syncing the song. It can be said that Home MV is full of moving and significant scenes.

The singer is sitting on a hospital bed and sporting his military costume underlining the loneliness and isolation he is feeling during his military service. The music video further processed with the scenes memorizing the moments Hyuk enjoyed with his group VIXX and his fans, highlighting the unbreakable bond Hyuk shares with his fans and loved ones.

After watching the official music video of Hyuk’s Home song, all we can say is that it is a moving ballad that showcases the singer’s feelings toward his loyal fanbase and loved ones who have impacted his life. The lyrics of the song talk about his house, the feeling of living at his home, and the comfort he enjoys there. The video concludes with the scenes of Hyuk finding his fans and VIXX members.

The singer’s decision to release the official music video for Home on his 29th birthday prompted the fans to give an overwhelming response to the video. They have reacted to the video with warm emotions and gratitude. The official video of Home is a moving tribute to his fans and a cheer to his career.

He released the music video on Friday, July 5, 2024. As of now, it has been watched over 2.3K times, available on the official YouTube channel of Companion Company with over 6.6K subscribers. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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