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Vitamin B12 deficiency can also make walking difficult! Do not ignore these symptomsNews WAALI

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Mumbai, March 13: The human body needs vitamin B12 every day to make red blood cells, nerve cells and DNA in the blood. Apart from this, vitamin B12 is necessary for performing many functions in the body. Blood RBCs contain hemoglobin and carry oxygen and other nutrients through the body’s veins. When hemoglobin is low and the nerves are weak, oxygen or nutrients cannot reach the body parts properly. In this state, the state of the body can be predicted.

That is why the whole body becomes weak due to lack of vitamin B12. Due to nervous weakness, even walking becomes difficult. Vitamin B12 deficiency causes anemia. Because of this, the nerves and the brain do not work properly. Because our body does not produce vitamin B12, we need to get vitamin B12 from food every day. We need 2.4 micrograms of vitamin B12 every day.

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Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms

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1. Sterility of hands and feet : According to Harvard Health, a lack of vitamin B12 causes low hemoglobin, which does not carry oxygen properly. So its first effect is seen on the last end of the body ie the feet. There seems to be a sudden sensation in the leg. Sometimes the legs go numb at the same time. As the disease progresses, the hands, feet and thighs begin to tremble.

2. Difficulty walking: Vitamin B12 deficiency prevents nerve cells from forming. When nerve cells are not formed, nerves weaken. This will not control the body. That is why it can be difficult to walk. Elderly people can fall when walking.

3. Anemia: A lack of vitamin B12 leads to a lack of hemoglobin from RBCs. This is called anemia disease. Deficiency anemia can cause major problems in pregnant women.

4. Swelling of the tongue : A lack of vitamin B12 causes the tongue to become heavy and swollen. If the tongue swells, consult a doctor immediately.

5. Mental difficulty: Vitamin B12 deficiency causes difficulty thinking. Difficulty concentrating on anything. Because oxygen does not reach the brain properly.

6. Weakness, Fatigue: When the nerves are weak and oxygen does not reach the parts of the body. Then the body becomes weak and tired.

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How to overcome vitamin B12 deficiency

Vitamin B12 can be found in milk, yogurt, eggs, dairy products, whole grains, beetroot, potatoes, mushrooms, fortified breakfast cereals, seasonal green vegetables, fresh fruit. It can provide a variety of nutrients including whole grains, protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

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