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virat kohli rahul dravid interview, Virat Kohli: Virat expressed his feelings; He told Dravid, I failed because of my own mistakes and… – india vs australia 4th test ahmedabad 2023 virat kohli rahul dravid interviewNews WAALI

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Ahmedabad: “It has been a long time since I contributed significantly to the Indian team. This worried me a lot. I was the one who increased the burden of expectations from the performance of the century’, former India captain Virat Kohli had this candid chat with coach Rahul Dravid. And the reason was a short interview with the BCCI website.

Virat also openly admitted that he has borne the burden of expectations of a big innings. The Delhi batsman also ended his three-year Test century drought by scoring 186 runs in the fourth Ahmedabad test of the Gavaskar-Border series. ‘Honestly my own weak links were not performing and this added to the confusion. Every batsman dreams of a century; Because a century performance enriches the batsman. However, I kept this in mind. Of course, the other side of this feeling is that I am not a batsman who is satisfied with a few 40, 45 innings. It has always been my privilege to make a significant contribution to the team. If I bat at 40, I feel confident that I will score at least 150 runs’, Virat opened up more as one of his favorite batsmen, Dravid, was in front of him.

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How severe was the drought of the century? On this question, Virat says, ‘Too bad… As soon as you step out of the hotel room, the first person you see in front of you lovingly asks when will be your century. Then the person in the elevator, the bus driver, everyone is hoping for my century. Because of this, the thought of the century continues in the head. But as a player, there are ways to deal with challenges. It is special that Virat fought on the field for eight and a half hours during the century in Ahmedabad. Naturally, the 75th international century was soon to follow.

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When even Dravid gets desperate!

Dravid too was desperate for a century in Virat’s dig. Of course they have seen centuries from Virat before, but this one was special. The reason for this is self-explanatory. I had seen Virat’s earlier centuries on TV. It has been 15, 16 months since I took over as the coach of the Indian team. So I was eager to see Virat’s Test century. This time I saw his century from the dressing room which I thought was special’, Dravid jokingly says to Virat, ‘You made me wait so long’.

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