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Vastu Tips: Do not place your feet in this direction while sleeping, many problems will arise in lifeNews WAALI

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Date of Publication: | Wed, 21 Sep 2022 10:11 PM (IST)

Vastu Tips: The positive energy of nature can be embraced with very small habits. And Vastu Shastra provides information about these small habits. In Vastu Shastra some special things are said about the direction of gold. Accordingly, by walking in certain directions a person’s misfortune becomes stronger and problems in life begin to increase. We tell you how to take care of direction while you sleep and directions that prove that sleeping with your feet is harmful.

Do not place your feet in the south direction

According to Vastu we should never sleep with our feet facing South. In fact the ruler of the south direction in astrology is Yamaraju, the god of death. Yamaraj gets angry moving his feet towards him. Sleeping in this direction for a long time can harm your health. Also the problem of irritability and raw sleep increases. It also affects your age. Especially elderly and sick people

Special care should be taken.

Taking steps in this direction will lead to financial problems

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If you are struggling with financial problems, don’t sleep with your feet facing north. The reason for this is that Kubera, the lord of Aishwarya, is the lord of the north direction. If you keep your feet in their direction, it will affect your financial life. Household expenses increase and sources of income decrease. By sleeping in this direction, your budget will deplete in a few days and you won’t understand why. So don’t sleep with foot in north direction for positive financial energy.

Virgo girls take care of this direction

Virgo girls should not sleep with their feet in southwest direction. It is not good for them to sleep with their feet in this direction. This causes problems in their married life. If the age of marriage, you gave the best disha hai answer. Sleeping in this direction is auspicious. At the same time, married women should not sleep in northwest direction. Women sleeping in this direction are believed to dream of house breaking or setting up a separate house.

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Posted by: Sailendra Kumar


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