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Vastu Astrology | Today’s Future, Friday, 23 September 2022 News WAALI

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Vastu Astrology | Today’s Future, Friday, 23 September 2022

today’s future- Friday 23 September 2022
The fruit of the child born today-

A child born today will be healthy, beautiful, reclusive, honest, hard-working, determined, courageous, will have sharp intellect, health in childhood will be soft, warm later, good health will be there, economic condition will be good throughout life.
Sheep- There will be success in taking decisions wisely, do not harm yourself by being stubborn, there will be an increase in accidental expenses, there will be a change in daily activities.
Taurus- It will help in completing the plans, all the work will be completed as desired, the contact will be pleasant and beneficial, self-confidence will increase.
Gemini- You will get happiness by participating in family events, political entanglements will be removed, you will get cooperation from officials, new accountability can come.
Cancer- There will be good profit by getting new deals in hand, there will be success in marriage discussions, lucky efforts will be completed, there will be harmony in personal matters.
Lion- Participation in social work will increase, it is difficult to get success despite hard work, financial problems will be resolved, family disputes will be avoided.
Virgo- Opponents may try to confuse, the movement of guests will remain, family amenities will increase, new friends will be met.
Libra- Will try to improve relations, will be busy in court work, family responsibility will increase, religious work will take interest.
Scorpio- Family support will give happiness in the event of stress, desired employment opportunities can be found, the advice of a revered person will be useful, try to avoid unnecessary disputes.
Sagittarius- In political matters, the party will be strong, the mind will be formed to buy property, there will be a lot of busyness, there will be increase in amenities, there will be uniformity in personal matters.
Capricorn- There will be trouble at the work place over a trivial matter, take care of your limitations, your opponents will be quelled by hard work and effort, you will get lucky news.
Aquarius- Youth can get better results in career, change in schedule will be troublesome, will be happy with the arrival of a loved one. Pay attention to food.
Pisces- There will be concern about the health of the spouse, the mind will be disturbed by the words of the people, the routine will be regular, there will be good success in business.

business future
On Ashwin Krishna Trayodashi, due to the effect of Magha Nakshatra, there will be an increase in gold, silver, copper, iron, jaggery, khand, sugar, jowar, fat etc., there will be a softening in the price of ghee, jaggery, barley, gram. Bhagyank number is 3712.

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