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URGENT NEED FOR QUALITY HEALTH RESEARCH Urgent need for quality research in health Agralekh from Divya MarathiNews WAALI

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Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar10 hours ago

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The H3N2 type of flu is more contagious. NITI Aayog reviewed the situation with all concerned ministries at the Centre. The health ministry has asked all states to be vigilant and doctors have been instructed to follow masks and social distancing. In this age of development, the world is constantly on the brink of an invisible virus. It is true that cellular biology, genetic engineering and virology are still relatively new branches of microbiology and research on them is not very reliable. It is also true that scientific tools have not yet been developed to understand genetic changes or mutations as viruses evolve. But in the face of this new crisis, the world’s scientific community will have to exercise its full intellectual power. The problem is that some countries are secretly experimenting with genetic modification in the name of science, so that it can be used as a weapon. China did not inform the world community about the genetic research being done in Wuhan. Despite all this the ‘Nagoya Protocol’ was prepared and after that many meetings were held by the World Health Organisation, but the correct protocol at global level and the conditions for revolutionary research under it have not been created until now. Globally, genetic science research must reach new heights against the hidden viruses that threaten the world on a daily basis and find ways to stop their powers of mutation and spread. Masks and physical distancing may not last long in highly populated countries.

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