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Urgent measures should be taken to prevent crop waste burning- Dinamani News WAALI

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Newswaali Urgent measures should be taken to prevent crop waste burning- Dinamani

Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mannai has asked Delhi Deputy Governor V.K. Saxena insisted.

The Deputy Governor of Delhi has written a letter to Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann regarding this issue. He said that: Instead of solving the problem of crop waste, which is the cause of air pollution, the Punjab state government is struggling. Certain powers are unfairly accusing each other. They are evading responsibility. They engage in such activity even though the situation is very dire. My request to the Chief Minister of Punjab on behalf of Delhi and its residents is that the Chief Minister should use all the resources and machinery at the disposal of the government to make the farmers a desirable partner in solving this problem.

I request you to take urgent and important steps to stop crop waste burning in Punjab which may once again turn the national capital Delhi into a ‘gas chamber’. It is common knowledge that air pollution in Delhi has reached dangerous levels. The most severe category is air pollution due to smog. 95 percent of this air pollution is due to the burning of crop waste in Punjab. Between October 24 and November 2 last year, crop waste burning increased by 19 percent, according to statistics. This reliable statistic highlights the risk situation.

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The figures for 2021 and 2022 are 18,066 and 21,480 crop residue burning incidents respectively. On November 2, a total of 3,825 crop residue burning incidents occurred in six states namely Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. It has been revealed that 3,634 incidents have occurred in Punjab alone. At the same time, there is no crop waste incident in Delhi. Such a situation has created a health emergency in Delhi. The situation is similar in NCR region. Due to this pollution, the number of outpatients and hospitalizations due to lung related problems has increased manifold. Children and elderly are affected. Every citizen is constantly facing problems like eye irritation, cough, nasal congestion, sore throat, difficulty in breathing.

Health experts have also said that this ongoing problem is a very harmful situation. Schools have also been asked to be closed. Apart from being advised to stay indoors, the public has also been advised not to engage in morning walks and not to engage in outdoor activities. Socio-economic activities have also been severely affected due to severe air pollution and related restrictions. The present situation violates the fundamental right of citizens to right to life and health. The Delhi government had taken steps to promote the bio-decomposer for use by farmers by spending crores of rupees on newspaper and television advertisements. Despite such measures and interventions, crop waste burning has not only continued unabated in your state of Punjab but has also increased affecting air pollution in Delhi and other areas.

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In a democratic framework, we in the government are expected to adopt a creative approach and multi-pronged measures to correct such things that are detrimental to human life and health. I have also requested Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to handle the issue. In that letter, the Lt. Governor said that he has also advised Chief Minister Kejriwal to cooperate with you in this matter.

In response to the Lieutenant Governor’s letter, ‘Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann has responded on Twitter. It said, ‘It is not right to politicize such a serious issue. The Lt. Governor has been blocking the work of the government in Delhi. You (Deputy Governor) have stopped the ‘Red Light On, Caddy Off’ campaign. Are you doing politics by writing to me like this? It is not right to do politics in such a serious matter,’ he said.