15 July 2024
Jo Hyun Ah

South Korean R&B group Urban Zakapa’s female vocalist Jo Hyun Ah found herself at the center of a controversy after performing live on Music Bank.

Yes, you read that right, Jo Hyun Ah is facing widespread criticism after performing live on Music Bank. If you are thinking Jo Hyun Ah became the subject of widespread criticism due to her outfit or fashion sense which is the most common reason for K-pop idols to face backlash and criticism after their stage performances, then you are wrong.

The reason for facing online criticism is Jo Hyun Ah’s amateur performance. Yes, you read that right, renowned vocalist Jo Hyun Ah is facing huge criticism after singing live at the Music Bank event. This controversy has turned heads and become a topic of the town. Netizens are wondering after listening to the live singing of Urban Zakapa’s vocalist Jo Hyun Ah. To get more on this topic, follow this column to the end. Scroll down.

Jo Hyun Ah Criticized for Amateur Singing During Music Bank Appearance

According to the reports, Jo Hyun Ah went on to live perform on her recently released song Give You on Music Bank but her performance on this track sparked negative comments and criticism on the internet. Nevertheless, the K-netizens filled the comment section of Jo Hyun Ah’s live performance video on YouTube, with negative comments.

The broader audience has shown its disappointment with the amateur performance of the Urban Zakapa’s members. Many also wondered what happened to Jo Hyun Ah’s voice as her voice was completely different from the polished voice in her official songs.

Many K-netizens also took to social media platforms to express their dismay over Jo Hyun Ah’s live singing of her latest song Give You, pointing out her real vocals which were opposite to her autotuned or polished vocals used in the official song. Her performance on Music Bank lacked her skills and professionalism as well. Thus, singer Jo Hyun Ah has been facing widespread criticism for her so-called amateur live performance.

Some people who know the singing profession mentioned that Jo Hyun Ah’s pitch was not stable during her live performance. They further added that Jo Hyun Ah was also frequently moving her microphone away from her mouth which caused her voice inaudible in certain parts. This is why people have called her amateur after her live performance on Music Bank. Take a peek below for more details.

Furthermore, people who watched Jo Hyun Ah performing live, criticized her performing skills as she lacked professionalism in dancing. Thus, they simply remarked her performance on Music Bank as awkward and unpracticed.

A person showing his dismay stated it seemed like she didn’t properly rehearse the stage movements because she brought the microphone towards him instead of her mouth when she was singing with the male dancer. Thus, her voice didn’t come through. In addition, the Urban Zakapa member’s pitch was also unstable and she was looking flustered.

The performance Jo Hyun Ah gave at Music Bank made people wonder if she is a professional singer and a vocalist of the famous R&B group Urban Zakapa. A disappointed fan of Jo Hyun Ah posted on social media that she should practice enough before performing live.

It was the first time that singer Jo Hyun Ah landed in hot water due to her singing and performance. The performance video uploaded on YouTube also has been disliked and commented on negatively by innumerable people. People are wondering about it because Jo Hyun Ah always has been considered a good singer. Stay tuned with us.

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