19 July 2024
Kim Ho Joon

As per the latest reports, a key lawyer of Kim Ho Joon’s defense team has resigned ahead of the singer’s trial.

Yes, you read that right, trot singer Kim Ho Joon faced some issues before his trial. Reportedly, the lawyer who resigned from Kim Ho Joon’s defense team is a high-profile attorney and also has served as the acting Prosecutor General. Thus, the decision of the high-profile lawyer to step down as Kim Ho Joon’s attorney has created some troubles for the trot singer ahead of his trial.

The legal circles suggested that the high-profile lawyer who left the defense has been replaced by a new high-profile legal team which was appointed by Kim Ho Joon on July 3, 2024, ahead of his trial. If you are eager to learn more about Kim Ho Joon’s case, then go through the article to the end.

On June 26, 2024, Kim Ho Joon selected two lawyers, Jeon Sang Gwi and Jo Wan Woo, from the law firm Hyunjai. The next day, three lawyers of the law firm Daehwan left the legal company on June 27, 2024. Meanwhile, a professor of law named Lee Jo Sun from Kookmin University joined the law firm on the same day to defend trot singer Kim Ho Joon in his trial.

After the hiring of Lee Jo Sun in the defense team, Kim Ho Joon’s legal team is comprised of a total number of six members including a lawyer who had served as the acting Prosecutor General and former prosecutors. Meanwhile, Kim Ho Joon received criticism for hiring a high-level defense team and people criticized him for having an extravagant defense team.

On Wednesday afternoon, July 3, 2024, it was announced that one of Kim Ho Joon’s high-profile lawyers Jo Nam Kwan had resigned. According to legal sources, Jo Nam Kwan submitted his resignation letter to the Seoul Central District Court. Do you know what are the charges against Kim Ho Joon? Trot singer Kim Ho Joon is facing multiple charges of violating the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of Specific Crimes especially dangerous driving causing harm.

The high-profile lawyer who resigned from Kim Ho Joon’s defense team, Jo Nam Kwan is a former prosecutor and graduated from law school of Seoul National University. In his career, Jo Nam Kwan has served in various prestigious posts including Director of the Prosecutor’s Office at the Ministry of Justice and Deputy Chief Prosecutor of the Supreme Prosecutors’s Office.

Notably, in 2020 Jo Nam Kwan replaced Yoon Seok Yeol as the Prosecutor General when he was suspended. In addition, Jo Nam Kwan also has a history of working with Lee Chang Su who is currently serving at the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office as the head of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office.

Trot singer Kim Ho Joon’s former attorney Jo Nam Kwan who recently resigned from the singer’s defense team, had been representing Kim Ho Joong since May during the police investigation. After Jo Nam Kwan joined the defense team, the singer agreed to change his stance and admitted to drunk driving charges. However, Kwan only agreed to represent trot singer Kim for the prosecution’s investigation thus he resigned a week before the trial.

For the unversed, Kim Ho Joon is not only one who will stand trial but the CEO of Sangga Entertainment Lee Kwang Deuk, manager Jang Mo, and executive Jeon Mo will also face trial alongside trot singer Kim Ho Joon. They have appointed only two lawyers for their defense in the trial. On July 10, they will stand trial for the first time.

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