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Township Policy Presentation: Facilitate land allotment in Ayodhya, instructs CMNews WAALI

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As various state governments and religious organizations from across the country request the Uttar Pradesh government to provide land to develop buildings, ashrams and dharamshalas in Ayodhya, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday asked his officials to speed up the land allotment process and ensure good transport. connectivity to the assigned site.

The CM gave directives in this regard during a presentation on the UP-2023 Township Policy which is being drafted by the state’s Housing and Urban Planning Department.

In a meeting held at Lok Bhawan in Lucknow, the prime minister was told that requests for the land allotment in Ayodhya are being made by various state governments and religious organizations due to the construction of the Ram temple there and the number of devotees is expected to increase. there after the opening of the temple – the sanctum sanctorum of the temple under construction is expected to be opened for the temple next January.

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“The process of allotment of land should be speeded up and it should be remembered that the land should have better connectivity,” said Adityanath.

The CM said that planned urbanization has accelerated in the state in the last six years and that planned urbanization should be further encouraged considering future needs.

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“The state government is effectively working in the direction of organized development in the urban areas to improve the level of ease of living there. Before a new township policy is finalised, earlier policies should be looked into and their shortcomings should be kept in mind,” he said.

“In the new township policy, there should be provision for the availability of all the necessary physical and social infrastructure along with living, working and entertainment facilities. Near the parks developed within the townships, there should be arrangements for a shopping centre, police station and parking facilities so that people visiting the park feel safe and that they also have the shopping facility,” the CM told officials, adding that there should also be. provide economic activities in accordance with local needs in urban planning.

Noting that cultural and historical heritage should be linked to the development of the city, he said that in relation to the disposal of solid waste, compliance with ‘Net Zero Waste’ should be ensured when planning the township. The municipal planning should be done on the basis of the principle of ‘carbon neutral’, he added.


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