23 July 2024
Boy Groups

In K-pop, the music competition has become stiff with numerous artists and bands vying for the top rank.

It is not only the boy groups but the girl groups also have set the bar high by dominating various digital charts. Owing to several groups including boy groups and girl groups, the K-pop industry’s standard of music has been raised significantly in the meantime.

For instance, Illit is a newly formed girl group that created history in the K-pop world by featuring on major Billboard charts with their debut album and single track. Despite girls dominating the scene right now, we have come up with some boy groups that have maintained a steady presence on major charts.

Girls Dominate K-pop Charts as Boy Groups Hold Strong

Here, we have particularly focused on the top 100 of Melon’s daily chart. Continue reading this article and learn about popular groups like BTS, Day6, and Seventeen among others who have cemented their place in the top 100 Melon’s Daily Chart for a long time. Scroll down.

The list of the top seven K-pop boy groups that are featured in the top 100 of Melon’s daily chart, includes global powerhouses like BTS, Seventeen, RIIZE, and Day 6 among others. Here we have not only discussed the top 7 boy groups from the K-pop industry but also mentioned their songs that have been maintaining their position in the chart for a long time.

TWS is one of the seven K-pop boy groups that have been on the Top 100 of Melon’s Daily Chart for a considerably long time. TWS released its song Plot Twist earlier this year on January 22, 2024. During the time of its release, this song peaked at number 2 on the Top 100 of Melon’s Daily Chart. Now it has been almost six months since Plot Twist was released but still, this song is ranked 13th.

Day 6 is another boy group from the realm of K-pop that has been maintaining its place in the Top 100 of Melon’s Daily Chart since July 15, 2019, when it released the song “Time of Our Life”. The highest rank of the song on the chart is number 9.

As of now, Day 6’s Time of Our Life is ranked 12th, showcasing an incredible performance for the last four years. Interestingly, Day 6’s Time of Our Life is not the only song that is featured on the Top 100 of Melon’s Daily Chart but the group’s 2017 song You Were Beautiful which was released on February 6, 2017, is still ranking at number 16 on the Melon’s chart while the highest rank the song achieved is number 7.

Day 6 has carved a unique niche for itself by releasing back-to-back chartbuster songs. Welcome to the Show is the third song of the group, that is featured on the Top 100 of Melon’s Daily Chart. Day 6 released Welcome to the Show on March 18, 2024. As of now, the song is at the highest rank on the Melon’s chart, 19th.

TWS’s ‘Plot Twist

RIIZE is another renowned K-pop boy group that always strives to drop party songs. On June 17, 2024, RIIZE released Boom Boom Bass. This party anthem did not take long to find its place in the top 100 of Melon’s chart. Currently, it is ranked 21st which is the highest ranking so far.

Seventeen, a K-pop group that does not owe any introduction to anyone across the globe, released its song MAESTRO on April 29, 2024, which achieved the highest rank of 15th number on the chart. Currently, it is positioned at 47th.

RIIZE’s other song titled “Love 119” also topped the chart at number 4 but it has slipped to number 48. BTS’s superhit song “Dynamite” which was released on August 21, 2020, packed the chart at number 1 but it is currently ranking at 74th.

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