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Throwing onions on the road, ‘red storm’ towards Mumbai; The fate of the movement will be tomorrowNews WAALI

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Laxman Ghatol, Representative

Nashik, March 13: Farmers have called on Elgar to protest the fall in onion and vegetable prices and anti-farmer policies. A long march of farmers started towards Mumbai due to their various demands. As the government has called a delegation of farmers to discuss, will this storm hit Mumbai or will it calm down? Everyone has noticed this.

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Why are farmers protesting?

Long has left Mumbai on foot from Nashik for discounted prices of farm produce and hard-earned forestry land. On Sunday night, the Long March was a stopover at the University of Health Sciences site. A meeting was held with the Guardian Minister Dada Bhuse in the evening on the same day. However, after taking the decision to continue the long march as no solution was found in the meeting, Morshikar entered Nashik city after the University of Health Sciences from this morning. This long procession has left for Mumbai via Peth Road, RTO, Adgaon Naka, Dwarka.

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Meanwhile, a three-hour meeting was held with Guardian Minister Dada Bhuse. However, not being satisfied, he expressed his determination to continue the long march. Accordingly, the long procession has left for Mumbai on the second day today. Even if the prime minister says to withdraw the long march, we will continue the march. The protesting farmers expressed their anger in words that the government should not publish alone.

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Tomorrow (Tuesday) will decide the fate of the parade

In the meantime, a meeting of the First Minister-Deputy First Minister and farmers’ representatives will be held tomorrow at three o’clock in the afternoon. It will be important to see that a solution is reached at this meeting. At present, it is certain that this long procession will hit the Legislative Assembly and so far, this long procession has traveled from Nashik city to Mumbai after traveling about 60 to 70 kilometers on foot.

Farmers protesting in the streets

After reaching the city of Nashik, farmers threw onions, tomatoes and coriander on the streets to express their anger towards the government. Farmers are protesting in the streets because of a fall in the price of onions and also the indifference of the government. Along with this, Kisan Long March has been started on foot through CPI(M), Kisan Sabha and Sam Vichiri organizations. Even in this long march, farmers have protested against the government by throwing onions on the road.

The results of this long march of farmers have also been felt in the convention. The opposition targeted the government over reduced prices of onion and agricultural crops. So, will there be any answer at Tuesday’s meeting with the First Minister and Deputy First Minister? Or is this red storm hitting the convention? It will be important to see.

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