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These are the same black people… A woman said something to Kranti that the actress touched her head – marathon actress kranti redkar funny fan moments on video insta share reelNews WAALI

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MUMBAI: Marathi cinema actress Kranti Redkar is also very active on social media. His video reels are loved by fans. In this video reel, Kranti shares stories about women in her home and other experiences in a fun way. Fans are also seen liking and commenting on his videos. Kranti recently shared one such video.

Celebrities often come across fans so ambivalent, should they laugh or cry? This question is asked by these celebrities. A similar story has happened with the revolution. He met an aunt. This aunt was a supporter of revolution. But when this aunt met Kranti, she said something like that, Kranti had no idea what to do next. After Kranti shared this video, many other celebrities have also commented. Actresses Amrita Khanwilkar, Akshaya Naik have also shared their experiences on this post.

You meet people here and there at an event, at the mall and say, you really look so good… screw it’s not so much fun. The other day a woman came and said to me, ‘I was telling my Mr., these are the same. But Mischer said no … she’s too fair. But I said, they are black. These are the same. They will use filters. See if there are black shadows. Look, these are the same.’

Kranti did not know what to say after hearing that mother’s speech. But the love of the fans is just as great. So he took this conversation in a positive way.

Amrita Khanwilkar has also commented on this video of Kranti. Amrita has shared many smiling emojis. It is further written, ‘You look very fat on screen. You look good here’.


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