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There were 5 passengers sitting in the sleeper coach with general tickets, when they were asked to get down, they punched. There was a dispute about sitting in sleeping coaches by taking a general ticketNews WAALI

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Jabalpur10 minutes ago

In Howrah-Mumbai Mail Express, a case of manual handling by holding TC collar has come to light. A group of 5 passengers attacked TC. The passengers first grabbed TC by the collar and beat him. The issue is Sunday. TC had arrived to check the tickets in the train. A group of 5 passengers were sitting in the S-5 sleeper bus. He had a general bus ticket.

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Also beat fellow TC

When the TC asked them to fill the challan and go to the general bus, the passengers got upset. Grabbed TC’s collar and started abusing him. As soon as other TCs found out about it. The van also arrived. After this, the passenger also had a fierce fight with the other two TCs. This caused an injury to TC’s neck and hand.

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A traveler upset in the name of challan

According to GRP police, TC Vinay Kumar Rajak was checking tickets in Mumbai Howrah Express. Meanwhile, passengers traveling in the coach, Lalji Patel and Sumit Patel, were questioned about their tickets. Then he said the ticket was for general coach. At the same time TC said you have to pay a sleeping charge. The passengers got angry at this issue and started swinging by holding the collar. After alighting at Jabalpur station, TC Vinay Kumar Rajak submitted a complaint to GRP. However, after TC’s complaint, the GRP police have started investigating the case registered in several departments.

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