23 July 2024
The Villain Of Romance

In the town, the new Korean drama is creating a buzz and receiving high attention from the audience. Yes, we are talking about “The Villain Of Romance”.

The Villain Of Romance is a most anticipated 2023 coming-of-age Korean drama. Since it was released it has gained worldwide attention and made a significant place in the entertainment world. Well, the makers of this drama have announced the OTT release date. After a long time, it is streaming on the OTT platform.

If you are looking for the same then this page is for you. Check out the latest update about The Villain Of Romance.

“The Villain Of Romance” Creates Buzz as It Hits OTT Platforms

As we earlier mentioned, the Korean drama which is based on coming-of-age was released in 2023. This drama is marked as one of the best coming-of-age Korean dramas. This series of fans are located all over the world and Indian fans are also excited to know on which platform it is available.

A particular Korean drama set to life example for coming of age. The Korean drama is known for delivering love content. The latest drama is becoming an international topic for several Korean drama lovers. In the Indian market, the demand for Korean drama has increased and this year the craze has increased by two plus. The Villain Of Romance is a type of series that shows how a villain falls in love and learns the techniques of love.

Finally, this drama has made its path in the Indian market. The excitement among the Koran lovers is increasing. Let us inform you that, The Villain Of Romance is finally available on streaming platform Playfix. It was released on Playfix on July 5, 2024.

Have you watched the glimpses of this drama or not? Don’t wait for the current time as it is now available at OTTplay Premium subscription on Playfix. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

Well, Indian fans who love Korean drama can watch the latest Korean series on Playfix. Meanwhile, it is available in Korean language with Hindi subtitles. On the other side, the cast of the drama is playing the pivotal role as their on-screen performance increases the beauty of this drama’s storyline.

What about the plot of this drama? Let’s take a view of the plot of The Villain Of Romance. The story is about a villain who deeply learning love. The whole story revolves around Kang Hee Jee. He wants to look dashing in front of other people but his inside feeling is something else. From his heart, he is deeply trying to forgive his girlfriend Yoo Jin. On the other side, Ban Yoo Jin also plays a pivotal role. She is a student at Kang Hee Jee’s college.

Yoo Jin’s weakness is that she can not keep a relationship for more than 100 days. Her weakness raised several questions in her mind for the upcoming days. This season of The Villain Of Romance has 10 episodes. Seung-Ri Ha is playing the character of Ban Yu-jin.

Check out the list of cast with their characters:

  • Ha Seung-ri as Ban Yu-jin
  • Choe Yeon as Nam Hyeon
  • Baro as Kang Hui-je
  • Johyun as Koh Yun
  • Lee Sung Kyung
  • Ha Seung Lee

As we all are familiar with Ha Seung-ri, is a famous South Korean actress who worked in several hit movies and television series. In the latest released web series, she is playing a unique role. The audience is greatly loving her character. Her giving character is too incredible and catching. Cha Sun-woo known as Baro also has a unique place in this Korean drama. He is playing the character of Kang Hui-je. Keep following this page for more updates.

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