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The government has given seven days of additional leave to women workers in the stateNews WAALI

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The Shivraj Singh government in Madhya Pradesh has once again taken a big step in the direction of women’s welfare. Ladli Behnayojna was first implemented by the government, after which the government announced seven additional days of leave for women government employees. While the government and BJP leaders are linking Chief Minister Shivraj Singh’s initiative with the welfare of women, the opposition has called it a political stunt and demanded that the government protect women in the state.
Prime Minister Shivraj Singh said in his statement that women today work shoulder to shoulder in all fields, women who have responsibility at home along with the birth and upbringing of children. Therefore we have decided to provide seven days of additional leave (CL) to all female employees. That she can use it according to her need Chief Minister Shivraj Singh further said that the purpose of my life is the development of mothers, sisters and daughters and I believe that the development of the state and the country is the empowerment of women.

On this occasion, the Prime Minister organized special training and job fairs for the purpose of providing employment to the women studying in the state’s technical educational institutions, and supported the students in digital and financial literacy, English, communication, and readiness on for work. The prime minister also announced to train the women in skills, handloom, embroidery, weaving and traditional folk art.

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Congress spokesperson Sangeeta Sharma says she herself does not know how many announcements Mama has made so far. Women workers need protection which is not getting in shivraj singh govt Monsters are roaming and govt is making announcement after announcement Shivraj singh ji knows BJP is not coming back so why mislead people They publish every day. So far, the government has borrowed more than the government’s annual budget. People are watching and the government will have to answer in the elections.

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