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The dirty act of calling the student to the Kutharia behind the temple, minor in panic. The dirty act of calling the student in the Kutharia behind the temple, minor in panicNews WAALI

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GwaliorOne hour ago

Baba accused of misbehaving with the student

  • Tankoli event by Utila

In Gwalior, the baba of the temple has committed an offense with a 9th grade student. Baba called the 13-year-old student for some work in a Kutharia behind the temple and forced unnatural acts with him. Baba has also shot the video of the student so that he does not protest. The incident took place a month ago at Kutharia behind the temple near Tankoli village.

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The student was very absent and was not even going to hand in the paper. On which his father was questioned on Tuesday, after which the student revealed the whole incident. The relatives have arrived at the Utila police station with the student. The police have arrested Dhongi Baba by registering a case on the student’s complaint.

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Tankoli village is located in Utila police station, Gwalior. The 13-year-old student lives with his family in the village. There is an old temple near the village. Where Roshanlal Yadav alias Raman Bihari Das alias Baba, a resident of the village, looks after the temple. He also takes care of the priest’s work there. On his way to and from school, the student visited the temple. During this, a conversation used to take place with Baba as well. About a month ago, Baba called the student to his kitchen garden behind the temple on the pretext of getting some things from the market. As soon as the student arrived here, Baba pushed him and threw him on the cot. After this he raped her. When the student tried to make a noise, the accused baby interrupted him by squeezing his mouth.
VIDEO made for blackmail
– Students should not go out and mention this thing to anyone, so Baba shot the video of dirty act with the student as well. So he can blackmail him. Because of the VIDEO, the student didn’t even mention this to anyone until a month after the incident.
Not going to give the test, then the father asked, then the secret was revealed
The student had been missing for a long time. He had a test on Tuesday. When his father asked him not to go for the test, he started crying. Having asked him with a father’s love, he mentioned the incident that happened to him. After that the family took him to the police. On the complaint of the student, the police registered a case against the accused Baba and immediately arrested him with his axe.
the police say
ASP Crime Rajesh Dandautia says that Baba who lives behind the temple misbehaved with a student. The accused has been arrested and is being questioned.

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