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The department passes the bill without taking readings, having to wash hands with exception. Consumers get unread bills in 2 to 6 months; Having to wash even with the exemption given by the governmentNews WAALI

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  • Consumers Get Unread Bills In 2 To 6 Months; Having To Bathe Even With The Exemption Given By The Government

JaipurOne hour ago

Although the Rajasthan government has exempted water and electricity bills, but the pockets of lakhs of Jaipur city consumers are being cut every month. The reason behind this is the negligence of the departments. The department employees do not even take meter readings. Bills are passed on an average unit basis. Not only this, water bills are not received on time in entire Jaipur. A water bill is not sent to many colonies for 2 to 6 months. If the bill arrives after the due date, then people have to pay a fine.

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Bill surrendered up to 15 thousand litres
The government has waived the users’ water bill for drinking up to 15 thousand liters of water. If one uses up to 15,000 liters in a month, he has to pay only Rs 49.50 as fixed fee (Rs 27.50) and meter service charge (Rs 22). They do not have to pay water charge of Rs.55. If the user uses more than 15 thousand liters of water in a month, then he also has to pay a water charge of Rs 55. Apart from this, such users also have to pay a sewerage charge and a separate infrastructure development surcharge.

Send average readings arbitrarily
In Jaipur, PHED currently has 5.5 lakh users in the city. Meter reading is not done in more than 90 percent of areas, because consumers are billed after taking the average reading. This average reading is also taken out by the department at its own free will.

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For example, the water bill for Mrs. Manju Jain, a resident of Mansarovar Aggarwal Farm, last year in November-December during the last week of January this year, where the total units for both months (November and December) are 20880 -20880 units as 153- 153 billed send. A similar bill came to Sitaram ji Natani, a resident of Mishraraja ji road in Parkote. His December-January bill has come this week.

20880-20880 units have been shown for both months and the bill for both months has been sent as per Rs.153-153. In these two bills, water charges as well as sewerage charges have also been raised as the usage is more than 15000.

This is how damage happens
If the section reads regularly, then the actual consumption (liter used in a month) will be known. If a user gets 15 thousand liters or less in the reading, then he will not have to pay water charges and sewerage charges. But due to lack of readings, it is not known how much water is actually spent in a month in a house. The department sends the bill to each user after extracting the average unit, this average unit is informed more than 15 thousand liters. Because of this, users have to pay water charges and sewerage charges as well.

Bill for 2.80 paise per kilolitre
Although the water charges are according to different slabs, but the consumers whose readings are sent from 15 to 21 thousand liters are charged a minimum water fee of Rs 55. But the consumers whose readings are from 21,000 liters are sent, are charged an average water charge of Rs 2.80 per kilolitre.

Water is supplied to Jaipur from Bisalpur.

Water is supplied to Jaipur from Bisalpur.

A Bill comes in a period of 2 to 4 months
People get water bills from the department in a period of 2 to 4 months. Bills are accepted every 2-3 months at Malviya Nagar, Pratap Nagar, Mansarovar, Durgapura, Barkat Nagar, Mahesh Nagar and other places. While in many colonies of Jaisinghpura, Brahmpuri, Sanganer, people do not get bills for more than 6 months to a year.

One worker needed for 1200 houses
As per PHED norm, an employee is responsible for 1200 houses in an urban area, while 1000 houses in a rural area are for meter reading and bill distribution. Currently, PHED has only around 100 employees for this work in Jaipur. For this reason, meter reading work has been contracted in 5 out of 8 zonal areas of Jaipur city. Rs 2.50 is given for a bill reading and distribution meeting in a house. According to the sources, the men of the companies to whom this work has been given only the work of distributing the bills, and they are also going to pay the bills once in 2-3 months. Although those companies will be paid monthly.

the bill has not come for a year
Manju Sharma, a resident of Narayan Vihar Colony, Sanganer, said that he had taken the connection of his house in September 2021, but since then till now the water bill has not come. Rameshwar Jangid, a resident of the same colony, said that it has been more than a year and a half for him to pay the water bill. In such a situation, now when the department sends the water bill together, there will be difficulty in filling it.

A Bill has come once in 4 years
Mukesh Kumar, a resident of Veer Vatika colony in Jaisinghpura Khor, said that 4 years have passed since he got a house here and he received a water bill of Rs 1700 only once in four years, in September last year. Before that and until now the water bill has not equalized once again.

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