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The construction of Tansen Rail Over Bridge will be completed in NovemberNews WAALI

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Date of Publication: | Sat, 24 Sep 2022 02:15 AM (IST)

– After the completion of the works of the railway part, the work of the bridge department has started

Gwalior (New World Rep.). Two over bridges are being constructed in the city to facilitate the traffic system in the city. The construction of this over bridge proceeded at a snail’s pace due to which the project took more than five years. The work has to be completed within 24 months of tender. The work of the under-construction rail over bridge from Tansenagar Road and Racecourse Road to Gadar Wali Puliya is currently being completed. PWD bridge division started work after the slab collapsed in the railway section. The construction of this bridge will be completed in November 2022. The over bridge work is expected to be completed in April 2023 by the Collectorate.

In 2017, a project was launched to connect Racecourse Road and Tansen Road through a girder culvert. Initially the PWD’s bridge division completed the lines on both sides, but as the work approached the railway track, the bridge was delayed. The bridge turned into a turtle as it entered the railway section. The railway completed its portion in April 2022. Four months after the completion of the railway portion, the bridge division started work. Bridge slabs collapsed. Road construction is going on over the bridge. The construction of this bridge will also reduce the burden on the stopover bridge as the person going towards Tansen Nagar will have to pass through the stopover bridge. It also saves people’s time. Those going to Tansen Nagar from Racecourse Road should take a detour.

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From Racecourse Road to Tansenagar Over Bridge

– From Tansennagar Road Over Bridge to Race Course Road to Gadar Wali, the hotel works started in 2017.

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– The cost of rail over bridge is 35.81 crores

– The length of the bridge is 870 meters

– The width of the bridge is 7.4 m

– Working condition 80%

– The aim is to complete the works in 2020

The Needham Bridge will be completed next year

While the over bridge connecting Vivekananda Needham to Collectorate Road is supposed to be completed in 2019, the work on the bridge is progressing very slowly. For this reason, its construction has been going on for six years. Railways on its part started the works. Slab laying has started. Slab laying in the railway portion will take time to complete. After that the bridge division work started. This task will take a long time to complete. The bridge department aims to complete the bridge work by April 2023.

In 2016, the over bridge over Collectorate Road over Vivekananda Needham was started.

-Railway over bridge cost 26.63 crores

– The length of the bridge is 1027 meters

– The width of the bridge is 15 meters

Targeted in 2019

They say

– The overbridge connecting Racecourse Road and Tansen Nagar Road will be completed by November 15. The work on the railway part started late, till the railway part is completed, we cannot start the work on our part. Things are going fast. The Needham Bridge will be completed in April 2023.

Gnanvardhan Mishra, Executive Engineer Setu Division PWD

Posted by: Anil Tomar

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