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Terrorism will not be tolerated: ShahNews WAALI

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Anniversary of the Central Industrial Security Force

Hyderabad: In the last 9 months, the central government has taken strict steps for internal security. The Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, warned on Sunday that there is success and that any form of terrorism will not be tolerated.

He was speaking at a program organized on the occasion of the 54th anniversary of the establishment of the Central Industrial Security Police. Discrimination, terrorism and anti-national activities will not be tolerated. They will be severely dismantled. Against Terrorism The Central Military Police and the State Police fight hand in hand against terrorism. During the last 9 years they have had great success. Their work is commendable.

Violence has been curbed in Jammu and Kashmir. Infiltration into the North Eastern state has been curbed. The back of the extreme left organizations has been broken. Because of this, citizens’ self-confidence has increased.

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He said, many citizens have left terrorism. The number of such citizens has decreased now. Many have laid down their arms and surrendered. Through that he has participated in the mainstream of the country.

The security of the country depends primarily on the security of airports and industrial establishments. The work done by the Central Industrial Security Force in its 53 years of history is commendable and proud. Through that, the country’s economic development has been boosted.

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A country’s progress is driven by airports, ports and industrial sites. The dream of becoming a five trillion economy will be realized through their security and development. The Central Industrial Security Force will be modernised. The new technology will be given to the soldiers. Thus, they will be able to achieve the goal of accepting new challenges, said Shah.

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