15 July 2024

Over the past few years, K-dramas have found success not only in Korea and IRS surrounding countries like Japan and China but they have also garnered a fanbase in countries like the United States, the UK, India, and other Asian countries.

In the ever-evolving realm of K-drama, plenty of shows have premiered and ended but some iconic K-dramas cemented their places in the fans’ hearts. In this article, we have discussed the top 10 old K-dramas shows which would be more successful and popular if they were released today. The ten most loved and popular K-dramas that would be fantastic to re-launch in 2024, have been listed below. Take a peek below.

The first on the list is “Boys Over Flowers”. This show garnered immense viewership not only in Korea but also in other countries and garnered a fan following for K-dramas internationally. Thus, Boys Over Flowers needs a remake in 2024. The story of this K-drama revolves around Geum Jan Di who attends a prestigious high school where she became a victim of school bullying by of four the most popular boys in the school.

The next on the list is “Winter Sonata” in which Jun Sang migrates to a small town high school where she finds a handsome schoolmate Yoojin with whom she falls in love and blossoms into a beautiful romance. But a tragedy separates them. Due to its captivating story, Winter Sonata gained widespread popularity and became a memorable K-drama. Thus, this show also deserves a 2024 update but with a new stunning storyline.

The third is “My Name Is Kim Sam Soon” in which Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin were the lead actors. It will be a treat for the fans to see Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin together for one more time. The chemistry shown by the two actors was great and unmatchable. Kim Sun Ah and Hyun Bin’s amazing chemistry in the role of a thirty-year-old patissier and her boss respectively, made the show even more popular. This nostalgic K-drama can be rebooted in 2024.

“Stairway to Heaven” was aired early in the 2000s and it is one of the most loved nostalgic K-dramas that has a heart-wrenching story revolving around two childhood friends who get separated but reunite after many years. In the show, Jung Suh attempts to rekindle her love with her childhood friend but she starts losing her eyesight.

The fifth suggestion from the old popular and beloved K-dramas is “Full House” which made international viewers fall in love with K-dramas by showing an amazing love story between a top star actor and an aspiring screenwriter. Their professions force them to live together and spend time together. The sixth on the list is “Rooftop Prince”, a K-drama in which the Crown Prince and his companions come 300 years ahead in the future and find themselves in modern-day Korea. It’s remake will be an intriguing show in 2024 as well.

“Flower Boy Ramyun Shop” is an old K-drama show and its story also revolves around a high school where a teacher flirts with one of her students which eventually leads to a serious romantic story between them. “Princess Hours” is the next suggestion that should be remade in 2024.

“Who Are You: School 2015” which was immensely popular in Korea and other countries as well, can be a delightful show for Gen Z teens. The tenth K-drama from the past in the list is “Highkick Through the Roof” which was a sitcom staple series about rising stars and their everyday adventures.

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