19 July 2024

In the community of K-pop, the Idol Star Athletics Championships (ISAC) has become a cherished tradition as it brings all K-pop idols from various groups and bands together to compete in diverse athletic competitions such as running, archery, and more.

The fans also remain up-headed to witness this athletic event but for the past two years, this event has been on hiatus this year this iconic event is set to make its comeback and bring various K-pop stars from different groups together to take part in diverse athletic activities.

Yes, you read that right, Idol Star Athletics Championships is coming back after a hiatus of two years. Since it has been announced that ISAC is all set to mark its return after two years, the fans have been curious to know its dates and where to watch information. However, we have discussed everything that you should know about the 2024 edition of ISAC besides the ten iconic moments from past ISAC editions. Follow this article to the end. Scroll down.

Idol Star Athletics Championships 2024 Set to Make Comeback!

Before discussing the imperative details of Idol Star Athletics Championships 2024 such as its date and platform to watch, let’s go through the ten memorable moments in the history of Idol Star Athletics Championships. The first that comes to mind is “Tzuyu’s Hair Flip”.

Tzuyu from Twice is one of the most consistent K-pop idols to participate in ISAC and she has impressed the audience with her archery skills. In 2016, Tzuyu’s hair flip due to the arrow she released at the ISAC archery competition became an iconic moment in its history. Several clips of Twice’s Tzuyu went viral on social media, winning the hearts not only of K-pop fans but also non-K-pop fans who mistakenly assumed she was an Olympic archer.

BTS’s relay victory in the 400-meter race at the 2015 Idol Star Athletics Championships also registered as one of the most iconic moments when Jungkook surprisingly overtook his opponent to secure first place in the relay race competition.

Jungkook impressed everyone with his running skills which also enthralled the commentators. The next iconic moment from the history of ISAC is Eunkwang’s Horse Costume which is also one of the most hilarious moments. BTOB member Eunkwang wore a horse costume to participate in the archery competition which became a fan-favorite moment. Keep reading this article for more details.

Red Velvet member Irene’s Chicken Dinner prize is also an iconic moment when she made headlines for her archery skills in 2018 when she accepted MC Jeon Hyun Moo’s challenge and easily shattered the camera lens to win the prize. In 2022, Xiaoting participated in the dancer competition at ISAC, a new category introduced that year.

Meanwhile, Kep1er’s Xiaoting left everyone stunned with her insane ballroom dancer performance to win the gold medal. Seventeen registered an iconic moment when they achieved the all-time highest archery score in Idol Star Athletics Championships 2019 and set a new record of 95 points. EXO member Sehun mistook Jeonghan for NCT’s Johnny which became a memorable hilarious moment. Continue reading this article.

When B.I. dressed up as a cupid in the semi-final match of the archery competition, the audience had a great laughing moment. In 2016, Cheng Xiao showcased her gymnastic skills at the Idol Star Athletics Championships 2016 and gained praise for her incredible flexibility for which she won the gold medal.

The Boyz member Eric became a meme material when chased the camera at ISAC 2019. Speaking of ISAC 2024’s schedule, it is set to take place in August and will be broadcast as a Chuseok Special. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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