13 July 2024
Pooja Singh

Through their hard work and dedication, several artists are making their place in the entertainment world. Pooja Singh is among those who made her path in the entertainment world.

As of now, she is known as a very well-known Indian television actress and social media creator. She worked in several hit television shows. Currently, her name is circulating over the internet surface and catching much attention.

In today’s reports, we are going to disclose the background story of Pooja Singh’s success. Are you excited to know her career in detail? If you want to know the complete information regarding the same go through the page and read the full article. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Pooja Singh’s Journey to Television Stardom

Pooja Singh is a talented and most-followed Indian actress. She belongs to Jamshedpur which has the part entertainment world for the last 13 years. She made her strong place through her hard work and passion. On the other hand, she completed her schooling at Rabindra Nath Tagore School which is located in Jamshedpur.

To complete her education, she shifted to Pune and in 2011 she moved to Mumbai. She wanted to make her career in the entertainment world therefore in 2011, she shifted to Mumbai. Since then, she has the part of Mumbai as well as the entertainment industry for the past 13 years.

In an interview, she revealed how much she is passionate about acting. She also said she is also a social media star but she always wants to introduce herself as an actor. Let’s take a look at her career. The Indian actress Pooja Singh began her journey in 2011 with the television show Comedy Circus Ka Naya Daur.

She joined this show as a contestant. After that, in 2012, she worked in the television show Aasman Swe Aage in which she played the character of Poonam Sharma. In the same year, she worked in Savdhaan India as a Miloni Gaekwad. However, she has not gained much popularity. More information has been mentioned.

Pooja Singh was recognized from the television show Diya Aur Baati Hum. It was her first career-turning show that helped her to gain popularity. In this show, she played the character of Emily D’Souza Rathi. In 2013, Diya Aur Baati Hum one of the most famous Indian television shows was running with great TRP. Furthermore, she was part of the show from 2013 to 2016.

After that, she starts receiving the projects back to back. In 2017, she appeared in another television show Dil Se Dil Tak in which she played the character of Forum Bhanushal. In 2023, she got her biggest project as she played the character of Durga Bhabu in Swaraj. Pooja never fails to impress the audience with her incredible on-screen performance. Apart from the entertainment industry, Pooja started her new journey with the social media platform Josh App. In mid-2021 and 2022, she joins this app as a creator. Learn More in the next section.

In an interview, Pooja explained, how much she is loving after joining the social media app Josh. In a short time, she received millions of followers on Josh. She also said that the contents on Josh is also incredible. So far, Pooja actively working in the entertainment world as well as she is active on social media such as Instagram and Josh.

Interestingly, she also received income from Josh which is need source for her. The income from Josh also motivates her to create more videos on the platform. She is a talented actress who is always keen to learn new things. Pooja began her new journey on March 30, 2024, after marrying the Indian actor Karan Sharma. Karan Sharma is the second husband of Pooja and her first husband is Kapil Chattani who divorced in 2021. Keep following for more updates.

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