23 July 2024
Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah

The Indian television show Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah created history by releasing the above 4000 episodes. Since 2008, the show has been running with the great TRP. Still, this show is entertaining the audience with the daily drama. However, the latest episode of the show is generating massive attention. The makers of the show have released the promo of the latest episode on YouTube. If you are also a fan of TMKOC then this page is for you. Well, this page will help you to learn about the latest episode of the show. In today’s report, we are going to talk about the episode 4112. In the promo, Jethalal has fired Bagha from his job. Check out the update of TMKOC in detail.

Once again, the Indian television show TMKOC is returning to entertain the audience with a new storyline. Dilip Joshi aka Jethala is one of the most loved characters in the show. However, we are going to shed light on the latest episode of the show. What happened with Bagha? Why Jethalal fired him from his job? Several questions have been raised since the promo of the latest episode was released. The short clip of TMKOC starts with Bawri and Bagha who are sitting together. However, both are looking upset. Bawri tells Bagha that nothing will happen by sitting here, and let’s go to Mumbai. Bagha refuses to go and feels upset. He says I don’t dare to go to the shop, what will I say to Jethalal? Bawri asks him to tell the truth to Jethalal. He gets shocked. Back at the shop, Jethalal is eagerly waiting for Bagha. He asks Nattu Kaka what happened to Bagha. Jethalal says he did not even try to contact us. Just then Bagha came to the shop. More information has been mentioned in the next section.

Jethalal and Nattu Kaka get happy and ask where he is. Nattu Kaka asks order of ice cream for Bawri and Bagha. Bagha refuses to eat it. Nattu Kaka says that you have done such great work, so for that he should give you a special gift. Jethalal increases the salary of Bagha and Nattu Kaka as a special gift for Bagha. Bagha says I don’t want the bonus. Jethalal gets confused and comes to Bagha. Bagha moves his lips. Jethalal comes to know that Bagha fell the cheque into Khandala’s ditch. Jethalal gets shocked. Bagha apologized to Jethalal and told him how the 18 lakhs cheque fell. Jethalal yells at Bagha and asks him to get out of the shop. Jethalal loudly says to Nattu Kaka that if Bagha does not bring the cheque safely then I will fire him from his job. He asks Bagha to get out of the shop.

Suddenly, Bagha woke up from his dream. Bawri asks what happened. Bagha says I saw my future. She asks what you saw. He says I saw that Jethalal fired me from my job. They hear the temple bell. Bawri takes him to the temple. Back at the shop, Jethala eagerly waited for Bagha. Nattu kaka analyzes something wrong. He asks Jethalal to think positively. Bawri and Bagha pray to god and ask god to solve their problems. Bagha found the cheque in Bawri’s bag. Overall, the latest episode of TMKOC is filled with lots of suspense and twists. It is going to be amazing to see how Bagha will solve his problem. Meanwhile, in the upcoming episode of TMKOC, Tapu tells his friends that a big international conference is going to take place in Pune. Watch the latest and upcoming episode of Sony Sab. Keep following for more updates.


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