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Srileka Mitra: “I will definitely work in a film with Prasanjeet in the future, why not?” Srileka said Srileka Mitra said she could work with Pursanjit Chatterjee if she was given a suitable offer.News WAALI

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Prosenjit Chatterjee: In a Facebook Live in 2020, Srilaka spoke about nepotism in Tollywood. Fingers were also pointed at Prosanjit.

Srileka Mitra:

Prasanjit- Srilaka.

Sneha Sengupta

About two years ago. June 14, 2020. It was Sunday. It was suddenly reported that the young Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has died. Suicide or mysterious death, the matter is still not resolved. But the country was shocked by Sushant’s death. Bollywood was in a frenzy. This flame also came to Tollywood. Some people started talking about nepotism and nepotism. Actress Srilaka Mitra’s name was also included in that list. On Facebook live, he said that dirty politics was done with him in Tollywood. Due to which many of his jobs were lost. The actress complained of nepotism. The names of Prasanjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta also came up in this incident.

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Four days ago (18.09.2022) Srilaka posted many pictures of her photo shoot with Prosanjeet on her Facebook. On Thursday (22.09.2022) he posted another picture. The 2007 NABC film features Rituparna Ghosh, Jesus Sengupta, Prasanjit Chatterjee and Srileka Mitra in the same frame. Srileka posted pictures with Prasanjeet one after the other. If so, is the actor proud of the mercury downwards? Is his anger on “Bambada” diminishing? Srilaka, however, responded to TV9 Bangla saying, “I didn’t post pictures with Bombada on Facebook to prove anything. I have a fan for many years. His name is Raja Sengupta. He sent me some of those pictures. I didn’t have any of them. Now many people don’t know that I went to NABC in 2007. No one has seen my photo shoot with Bombada before. I didn’t intend to describe how beautiful Bombada was to me.

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Is Srilaka interested in working with Prosanjith in a film in the future? The actress also answered this question. Sarleka Mitra said that I will definitely work in a film with Prasanjit in the future. why not? I will do so. When we meet, I will ask Prasanjit to prove my anger wrong, or tell me if I lied or said something wrong. If you say even one thing, I will nod. Prasanjit is much senior than me. Many digital portals said in front of that time. But I never said that Prasanjit wanted to love me or to be intimate with me. He took pictures with those he was close to. Which is now called ‘comfort’. Bombada is my senior in the industry. He has been in this industry for many years. If I get an offer for any film featuring Prosenjit Chatterjee, I will do it 100%. But yes, I will do it only if I see that my character is good or the script is good. I will give him first priority. I have worked with Bombada in many films in the past. In 2000, the movie “Anadata” became a super duper hit. Bombada and My Pier became very popular. People will repeat the couple in the next film. It didn’t happen to me.”

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At the end, Srilaka did not forget to add, “Believe me, today I am above everything. Thus I have no grudges. I am in a better place. Most importantly, I am more at peace.” am


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