19 July 2024

For the past many years, K-pop has been dominating the worldwide landscape of the music industry and 2024 is not an exception. According to recent reports, the leading music streaming platform Spotify released its rankings of the Top 5 most streamed K-pop artists and groups for the first half of this year.

Not to mention, the K-pop industry has taken over the global industry completely and some of its artists and groups have played a huge role in it. The continuous rising fame of K-pop artists globally has made the rankings of the charts for K-pop artists and groups quite important.

Meanwhile, Spotify recently released rankings of K-pop artists and groups in different categories for the first six months. Let’s take a peek at the following sections and learn more details.

BTS Tops Spotify’s Most Streamed K-pop Artists of 2024

The K-pop industry is one of the fastest evolving and rapidly growing industries in the world, thanks to the stiff competition among Korean artists. Amidst the never-ending competition, the fans remain curious to know which group or individual artist is leading the chart.

Meanwhile, Spotify catered to this query of K-pop fans and made it easier to know who ranked at the top after the first half of 2024, by releasing the list Top 5 most-streamed K-pop artists. The artists featured on Spotify charts have been winning the hearts and captivating listeners with their catchy tunes, innovative lyrics, and spectacular performances.

The data released by leading music streaming platform Spotify released the rankings of the Top 5 most streamed K-pop artists and has lists of different categories such as Top 5 most streamed K-pop Groups, Boy Groups, Girl Groups, and Artists. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the rankings of the artists and groups.

Starting with the Top 5 most streamed K-pop artists on Spotify after six months of 2024, the most listened-to artist on Spotify in 2024 so far is BTS with 2.383 billion streams and Jungkook became the second most streamed artist on Spotify with 2.093 billion streams.

At number 3 are Straykids with 1.275 billion streams while Newjeans and V ranked fourth and fifth respectively with 1.161 billion and 1.158 billion streams. Kindly take a look at the next section to know the rankings of the top 5 K-pop girl groups.

In 2024, so far, on leading music streaming platforms, the top 5 most streamed girl groups in the K-pop industry are Blackpink, Lesserafim, Newjeans, Aespa, and Twice, but these are not arranged in ranking orders.

The rankings of the top 5 most streamed K-pop girl groups on Spotify are as follows Newjeans at first with 1.161 billion streams, Blackpink at second with 1.107 billion streams, Lesserrafim at third with 1.012 billion streams, Twice at fourth with 964 million streams, and Aespa at fifth with 644 million streams.

The fans are anticipation most about the K-pop Boy Groups owing to the immense fanbase of boy groups across the world especially in South Korea. Speaking of the top 5 most streamed K-pop boy groups in 2024 so far on Spotify are BTS, Straykids, Enhypen, TXT, and Seventeen.

However, three out of five were almost certain to rank in the top 5 boy groups on Spotify but there was so much anticipation about the fourth and fifth ranked groups.

At the top, BTS ranked with the highest streams of 2.383 billion on Spotify, which is almost double that of the second-ranked K-pop boy group Straykids’ 1.275 billion streams. Seventeen secured the third rank with 912 million streams.

Enhypen slightly surpassed TXT in terms of streams on Spotify with 775 million streams, to be ranked the fourth most-streamed K-pop boy group on Spotify so far. TXT ranked fifth with 728 million streams on Spotify. Stay tuned.

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